Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm for hire

Are you looking for a computer geek? Well, look no further. You can hire me. Remember when my husband and I were working on my header? When we got done and shut down my computer, the most funny thing was staring me in the face. I sat there just staring at it not knowing how in the world that happened. I decided to restart my computer (because isn't that what computer people do) to see if the problem would correct itself. Nothing! Nada! Everything was the same. Are you ready to see the thing I did that I had no idea I had done, let alone how I had even done it? The anticipation is killing you, isn't it?

Can anyone guess what I did? Leave a comment to try to guess (C, you can't guess. I already told you) Well, actually Shawn already knows as well and since I only have 2 other people that might read my blog so far, that doesn't leave that many people to guess. Oh well. I will still let you guess. I will tell you tomorrow. Good night for now.


bprushing said...

My guess is that somehow you copied the header for your blog to your desktop.

"Ima" said...

You are correct! I finally figured out how I did it, but had no idea at the time. It was so funny and quite shocking, but it has grown on me so it will stay.

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