Thursday, January 6, 2011

Taking the Plunge

Well, I am taking the plunge. No, I am not getting married. I did that 13 years ago. I mean in the blogging world. I never was really sure if I would do it, but then I have always wanted to blog to some extent. Part of me wonders if blogging is egotistical, because surely with blogging comes the desire that at least some people will read your blog; however, after reading other blogs for quite some time, I realized something. The people who blog seem to stay in constant thought about certain things. They always seem to be processing things about this really hard thing called "life". So I guess you could say that I realized that blogging was kind of like having accountability to not just stuff your feelings but get them out there. Kind of like therapy, but a lot cheaper.
 And since my counselor kicked me out of counseling in May of 2010, I have to find some other avenue of therapy. My counselor decided that it was time for me to graduate, because I was now a lot healthier and could face this big, mean world head-on. The nerve of him! I tried to stay there in the safety of his office. Really, I did. I kept coming up with things wrong with me just knowing that he would find something else that was worthy of more counseling. But alas, nothing. He figured the other stuff was better left up to God to deal with. So there you have it-the "why" I started a blog-therapy. Even if I am the only one that reads it (it is a lot easier typing than writing in a diary). Now that doesn't mean that everything I blog about will be therapeutic and have some deep, profound meaning. That would make my brain tired. Hopefully, some things will be funny as I journal about my journey through life. That is one thing my husband always tells me-"Life can take away a lot of things from you, but it never has taken your funny." So welcome if you are reading. I hope you enjoy my life-which is a nutcase!

Ima Nutcase

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