Monday, February 28, 2011

10 Things from My Mindless Monday

Well, I am obviously not going to get to a Music Monday today. It will have to wait until next Monday. I blame the flu. I am just still too worn out to think that hard and deep. Instead, I will leave you with 10 things from my Monday that require absolutely no brain power to think about.

    1. My feet really hurt.

They feel like someone has been beating them until they are bruised and swollen.

I have tried ice, heat, massage, and ibuprofen-nothing is working.

I am hoping this is a left over side effect of the flu and not my love for wearing heals.

    2.  The dogs went to the groomers today.

Now they smell and look pretty.

And they don't leave trails of fur where they walk.

    3. My oldest daughter is spending the night with her grandparents tonight.

They live right by her middle school.

I am sure she is loving it, but I am missing her.

The family seems not complete.

    4. I really like when the Other Nut wears Wranglers.

He only has 1 pair, because he just recently bought them.

I have been begging him to get some for 13 years now, and he finally did.

I am wondering why it took him so long to get them.

He is wondering why it took him so long to get them.

He looks hot in them.

     5. My house looks like a tornado blew through it.

I am blaming it on the flu.

And my feet.

    6.  I feel like I am in a cave.

My ears are clogged so I can't really hear.

Again, I blame the flu.

    7. I am supposed to be done with the Total Money Makeover by Thursday.

I am not done yet and don't feel like reading.


    8. Speaking of the Total Money Makeover, we are trying to go to all cash. No more plastic.

I haven't gotten a full tank of gas since.

How do you get a good solid full tank of gas using cash? 

Maybe that is obvious to some, but I need help.

    9. As far as going to all cash with no more plastic-

that is a whole post for later.

    10. I really want a diet coke.

I wanted one all day, but didn't get one.

I really don't know why.

Maybe I will just blame it on the flu. 

I blame everything on the flu right now. 

p.s. I will never NOT get a flu shot again. This is the first year I haven't gotten the flu shot in a really long time, and I got the flu. I know some get the shot and still get sick, but I haven't had that experience yet so next year, I'm getting a shot. Have I mentioned that my feet hurt?

A Good Day

Yesterday was a good day. The kids played outside all day riding bikes, trying to fly makeshift kites out of grocery sacks, got dirty and wet,  went to Sonic for drinks with the Other Nut, my son got his hands stuck in a cable cuff he used as handcuffs, and I slowly joined the land of the living after 4 days on the couch. Actually, I would say that yesterday was a GREAT day.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Burn, Baby, Burn!

Well, I am still burning up with 102 fever. Actually, now it is down to 100.5 thanks to Ibuprofen. I think I might take some Tylenol too. Thanks to google, I have self diagnosed myself with the flu versus just the common cold. The thing is, I am very afraid of the flu. My panic disorder rears it's ugly head with health issues. Praise God though, because my anxiety has been kept at bay. If you know the severity of my anxiety at one point, you know this is a miracle. And this is without my medication I use to be on. There was a time when I was very thankful for Xanax and Paxil CR, but I am glad that I don't have to take it anymore. Please pray that my kids don't get this or the Other Nut. Please pray that I get better and that my anxiety doesn't show up. Anxiety is not my friend.

While I have been lying here all day, I have thought about other people that are struggling with things a lot worse than myself. Please pray for these people and their families.

This sweet girl is fighting for her life due to brain cancer.

This lady is recovering from a stroke.

This guy just recently lost his young wife to cancer.

My friend is going on her 3rd week of sick kids with no sleep.

Most of these people I don't know. I just follow their blog and have been amazed, blessed, and encouraged by their strength, honesty, and faith.

There are so many others around the world struggling. The world seems to be in complete chaos between protests and natural disasters. When we look at all of this around us, our only hope and peace is that Jesus is in control and that one day He will make all things right again. There will come a day when suffering won't be a part of our world and for that, I am very thankful. Please be in prayer for these sweet people who are struggling and for anyone else that you know is struggling. This world is a hard, broken place.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Roadkill and Elementary Math

Well, I went from feeling like this

to feeling like this today.

My fever got to 102 and by body aches. I finally did call the Other Nut to come home, although it was already 4:45. He came home with 7 up and is making dinner. Praise God for the Other Nut. I am very thankful for him. I went against all nursing logic and took a hot bath even though I have a fever. My body just ached. I am now not as achy, but am still hot with a very tight, pounding, snot full head.

As I was sitting on the couch feeling like roadkill, I heard my middle daughter who is in 4th grade, and the Other Nut talking about her math. She is just getting into fractions and had some questions. The Other Nut asked her what a proper fraction was, but she wasn't quite sure. I actually wasn't sure either, but I decided to give my thoughts.

"A proper fraction is one that wears a dress and doesn't toot."

The Other Nut informed me that I was wrong. The sad thing is I have no idea what a proper fraction is. To be honest, I really don't care (other than the fact that I can't help my daughter with her elementary math). The only time I would worry about fractions being proper or improper is in a situation like this:

1/3 of my kids just went pee in the front yard. Now, that would be an improper fraction. (Yes, that did happen. I bet you can't guess which 1/3 of my kids did that.)

Other than that, I don't really care. I use fractions when I cook, but I also have a nifty little fraction chart. You know the ones they have for cooking.

I wish I could say that the reason I can't do elementary math is because of the aformentioned feeling like roadkill, but I can't. Even if my head was very clear right now, I couldn't help her with proper or improper fractions. And it is not that I am dumb. I minored in math in school, and you have to know basic math to get through nursing school. It's just that I am the epitome of "if you don't use it, you lose it." 

And I am quite ok with that. Who needs fractions anyways? Especially when you feel like roadkill. Thankfully, though I don't have to eat roadkill. The Other Nut just handed me a bowl of hot chicken vegetable soup so I guess I better go so I can eat.


Much Ado About Nothing

I'm at home today looking like this. I have a head cold and the aches. It is not fun, and I am bored so what does a girl do when she is bored? She blogs. The problem is that I don't have much to say, because I don't feel like using my brain that much-it is too full of snot. My throat hurts so I did the most logical thing-I ate a big bowl of ice cream. What? You say that isn't logical? Are you trying to tell me that a cough drop and some medicine would work better? Well, OK maybe so, but it wouldn't have tasted near as good. I am sitting on the couch going between being hot and cold, but don't think I have fever. Even though I am sick, I feel completely lazy, because there is so much to do around here. I should be doing laundry, vacuuming, or something in the kitchen. But really, I don't want to work, because my head feels like it weighs 500 pounds. I know I sound like I am complaining, but I am. I know that in the grand scheme of things, I am very healthy and am thankful for that; but right now, I want to complain about my aches and pains. So here I am blogging about it for all the world to see (all being about 6 people). I could call the Other Nut to complain and act like I am dying and tell him that he should come home to nurse me back to health, but he is working and probably has a meeting. When you work at TI, all you do is have meetings. I keep telling him that if they all quit meeting, they will get stuff done around there. (I will probably have to delete this sentence when the Other Nut sees it so you better enjoy it now). Anyways, I am not that bad so I thought I would just blog about it. Like I said, I'm bored. I am going to pick up my best friend's boy today to get him to the dentist so maybe getting out will be good. Or maybe I will spread my germs-lets hope not. I could go get a diet coke. Diet coke makes everything better; unless of course, you think about the aspartame killing brain cells. Then it kind of makes me a little nervous. My addiction usually wins out though, and I succumb to drinking a diet coke. Well, I guess I should go try to get ready a little bit. I need to turn down the AC, because I am having a hot moment. Maybe I will even gargle some salt water. Thanks for reading my much ado about nothing. Gotta go blow my nose.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gotta Love Little Boys-Part 2!

My son keeps me laughing quite often. Lately, he must know I need some material for my blog, because he has been on a roll. First, let me give you some background information. Thanks to this blog, we have implemented the rule that chores must be done before dinner. No chores, no dinner. Let me tell you, it has worked. My kids don't want to go to bed hungry. Last night, they all hurried and did their chores even though they didn't really want to; their hunger won out over their hatred of chores. After they finished, we all sat down to eat our dinner of chicken, sauteed vegetables, and potatoes. This is a staple meal in this house, and one that my kids really enjoy. Well, apparently my son didn't like it so much last night-maybe the vegetables tasted different or something. Anyways, this is what he said during dinner that almost made me spit water out my nose.

Taking a bite of his vegetables, he quickly spit them out in disgust. Looking up at us he said, "I'm not hungry anymore. Man, I wish I hadn't done my chores."

Maybe it doesn't read as funny as it was, but I am still laughing.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nutcracker Winner

Well, it is the time you all have been waiting for-the announcement of the nutcracker winner (even though not everyone entered to win this fabulous prize).

The winner is (insert drum roll) Beth!  She guessed 412. The number was 1,227.

Beth, I know you will be so pleased with your nutcracker, and your life will now be fulfilled. And if not, there is always "regifting". Please leave me your address so I can mail you your prize. Oh wait! I know your address, because you are my best friend. Plus, I see you all the time, but don't plan on it tomorrow-I teach so I won't remember it.

Let's take one more look at the prize that she just won.

Sunbeam Nutcracker and Pick Set

Don't Forget

Don't forget to leave your answer for the give away. The deadline is tonight at 8 p.m. You know you don't want to miss out on this awesome prize that you can win.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Gotta Love Little Boys!

You gotta love little boys, and their imaginations. This is how a short conversation went between my son and me tonight before dinner.

"Hey son, why are you throwing your gun away?"

"Well, mom, because it broke in half."

"Oh. Well how did that happen?"

"Well, you see, I was fighting a bad guy in my fort, and I ran out of ammo so I had to use my gun to clobber him to death."

Here in the Nutcase house, we teach our kids all about the love of Jesus. Can't you tell?

Music Monday

"Music Monday"
I wasn't going to blog today. As a matter of fact, I wasn't going to do anything at all. After 2 very long days, I am tired. I was sitting on the couch doing nothing, but the laundry began to laugh at me as I watched it multiply before my eyes, and the stench from the kitty litter began to burn my nose hairs. The sight of the Other Nut outside doing yard work didn't help either so I decided to peel myself off of the couch and find something to do. I put away some towels, started a load of laundry, and cleaned the kitty litter-I just might call it a day.

As I was grabbing the dirty towels, I found myself thinking about something that I heard someone say (I remember that her name was Aubry, I heard her at a We:Teach training course, and she said something that has stuck with me). What she said was this: "Too much or not enough". She said this to describe the 2 ways that she often found herself feeling. It resonated with me, because I think this describes the way a lot of us feel during our life. I think it sums up so many different experiences that we all face. Too much or not enough. I don't know why this phrase popped into my head. Maybe it was the guilt I was feeling for being lazy while the Other Nut was working. Maybe I was feeling like I was too lazy and not working hard enough. Whatever it was, I remembered this phrase that so adequately describes my many thoughts which then reminded me of a song so a "Music Monday" it is.

Have you ever felt this way; too much or not enough? We are either too emotional, too irrational, too picky, too controlling, too fat, too skinny, too scared; the list could go on. Just put whatever emotion fits for you at any given time. What about the times we feel that we are not enough? Not spiritual enough (or else I would be homeschooling, growing my own organic vegetables in the backyard, cooking everything from scratch, waking up at 5 a.m. to spend time with God and exercise, always looking put together, having craft time with all 3 kids everyday, sewing my own clothes plus my kids, and all while smiling and never losing my patience. I know that sounds crazy, but we do put that amount of stress on ourselves as women.), not happy enough, not in good enough shape, not kind enough, not patient enough, not wise enough, not pretty enough, not trendy enough, not rich enough, not a good enough mom and wife; again, this list could go on.

Well, JJ Heller sings a song called "True Things" written by her, David Heller, and Andrew Osenga. I love this song, because it speaks to this notion of being too much or not enough. You can read the lyrics below or listen to it on my playlist. It is a great song that really reminds me that I am not the sum of my mistakes, my past, my accomplishments, or my material things that I have or don't have. All of these things can make me feel at times that I am too much or not enough. And these things do not define me. I am neither too much or not enough. I am who I am, and this is true because of Christ and His love. I am loved and free from the bondage of feeling that I am too much or not enough. I will choose and work at believing the true things that do define me; the fact that I am a sinner saved by grace and loved madly by Jesus, that I am a work in progress constantly being cracked open to become more like Jesus, that I need to welcome this cracking process so I don't stay stagnant in my faith, and that instead of being too much or not enough, I am worth it to Jesus who died on the cross for me. I am choosing to wake up to the love of Christ. And with that, I am going to continue to do nothing for the rest of the day, because I am not defined by one day of laziness.

"True Things" by JJ Heller

I’m not the clothes I’m wearing
I’m not a photograph
I’m not the car I drive

I’m not the money I make
I’m not the things I lack
I’m not the songs that I write

I am … who I am
I am who I am

There are true things inside of me
I have been afraid to see
I believe, help my unbelief
Would you say again what you said to me
I am loved and I am free
I believe, help my unbelief

I’m not the house I live in
I’m not the man I love
I’m not the mistakes that I carry

I’m not the food that I don’t eat
I’m not what I’m above
I’m not my scars and my history

There are true things inside of me
I have been afraid to see
I believe, help my unbelief
Would you say again what you said to me
I am loved and I am free
I believe, help my unbelief

To your love I’m waking up
In your love I’m waking up

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Day of Celebration and Hope

Today, I witnessed one of the most glorious sights. Today, I witnessed something that I wasn't sure I would live to see. Today, I witnessed a miracle. Today, I witnessed the result of a God who pursues the hearts' of sinners. Today, I witnessed the fulfillment of years of persistent prayer. Today, I witnessed the public profession of a life changed and renewed hope. All of this because today, I witnessed my almost 66 year old dad get baptized after accepting Christ as his Savior on December 5, 2010. It was a beautiful celebration, and he was surrounded by his whole family; my mom, my sister and her husband, me and my husband, and 6 grandkids. The oldest of the whole gang starting a new life, one that is now filled with hope and eternal life with Jesus Christ.

Today, I also witnessed the funeral of my husband's grandfather, Papa. He was 85 years old. I had known Papa for about 14 1/2 years and had grown to love him and his late wife, Granny. When all of my grandparents had died, they let me "adopt" them as my own, even though I already considered them that when I married the Other Nut. They always treated me with love and kindness and welcomed me into their family with open arms. It was Granny that actually taught me how to blanch fruits and vegetables. And oh, how they loved my kids. They loved taking them crabbing and swimming at the country club, something my kids will always remember. 

Tonight, I sit here thinking about these two events happening on the same day. At first thought, one seems very joyous and the other seems very sad. One seems to be a time to celebrate and the other seems to be a time to mourn. However, the more I think about these two events, I realize they are both a time to celebrate. Please don't get me wrong; I know that with death comes mourning and that there is a time to mourn. But, it is a mourning that comes with a hope, because of a faith in the Savior. Two completely different events, bonded together by the saving grace of God through Jesus Christ. My dad is starting a new life IN CHRIST, and Papa is continuing his life WITH CHRIST; and both of these are reasons to celebrate.

I also realize that as I watched my dad get baptized today, I thought that it is never too late for God to change lives with the saving faith of Jesus. And yet, as I watched Papa get buried, I thought about how death is inevitable. We are all going to die, and we don't know when or how. So while it is never too late for God to change lives on this earth, there remains an urgency to receiving Christ as our Savior. You see, there will come a time when it will be too late. When death meets us, at that moment it will be too late.

So tonight, I am rejoicing that my dad and Papa were not too late.

 Jesus Christ, what a Savior!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nutcase Give Away

In honor of humor, spoofs, and give aways, I am holding my very own, first ever Nutcase Give Away!

I love reading her blog. She is funny and has helped me gain a slight love for cooking (which is huge for me), as well as an extra 10 pounds. Come to think of it, I should send her a thank you note, because I just love gaining weight (as if she made me eat that chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream today). Anyways, I love her blog, and she sometimes has give aways. They have always been things that she purchases herself; nothing is donated. Until just recently that is. One thing she likes to give away is a Kitchen Aid mixer, because she says she loves hers. She has done that numerous times on her blog using her own money which she makes very clear on her blog. Well, just recently Kitchen Aid actually contacted her and together they designed a custom made mixer that was donated by Kitchen Aid to be a give away. It is absolutely so cute. Take a look at it, as well as her whole blog; but do it when you have time, because you will want to stay a while.

Well, I decided that I should do a give away to say thank you to all of my 5 readers. Now before you get really excited and crash my server trying to win, let me remind you of one thing: this is a Nutcase give away, done in Nutcase style-which basically just means cheap. Kitchen Aid, for some reason, hasn't contacted me yet to donate a mixer. When they do, I will be sure to let you know. Until then, this item will have to do.

Sunbeam Nutcracker and Pick Set
I know. My generosity abounds. You can thank me later. You might be wondering why I chose this item as my first give away. Well, for one, it fits with my blog-you know, the whole nutcase/nutcracker theme. I don't even know if people use these anymore to actually crack open nuts, but again, it matches my blog title. If you don't want to crack open nuts with it, I am sure you can find some use for it. Maybe you can use it as chopsticks. The four little metal picks kind of look like you can give yourself a good teeth cleaning with them. Save you a trip to the dentist. Look at how versatile this gift is. Mixers aren't this versatile. I'm just saying. The second reason why I chose this item is, well, because it was cheap. It cost me a whole $5. When Kitchen Aid calls, I will give away something worth a little more. Until then, you get a nutcracker.

OK, so here are the rules. Pick a number between 1 and 2000. The closest person to the correct number without going over wins. Most blogs use a random number generator that picks the commenter, but I have no idea what that is. Remember, this is Nutcase style so we are using the cheap, free honor system here. I won't cheat. If I do and you find out, you can squeeze my fingers with your nutcracker. Only one guess per person. You can leave it in the comments section or can email me using the email address on the right side of the blog. The last and final rule is that you have to play-all 5 of you. If no one plays, then I can't give away my nutcracker and just imagine your life without a nutcracker. Seems pretty bleak doesn't it.

I will let everyone know who wins this fabulous prize on Tuesday night. So send in your answers, but please don't crash my server in the mad rush. Thank you.

Friday, February 18, 2011


I just got done reading this blog post from Thursday, February 17th. I encourage you to read it; however, be ready to be challenged. It is written by a young woman named Katie that lives in Africa. I follow her blog Amazima, and every time I read her posts, I am challenged and encouraged. She is an amazing young woman, but I have a feeling she wouldn't describe herself in that way. I think that she would say she was just a normal girl that has agreed to follow God and His will for her life passionately and obediently. I think she would say that she has learned that living passionately for God comes with its own obstacles and challenges; and yet, she wouldn't have it any other way, because our God is a big, faithful God that can overcome these obstacles and challenges. I, of course, am guessing on these things, because I have never met her. I am just going by what I have read on her blog. I find her to be selfless in her love for people, she seems to desire for people to know and love Jesus, and she seems willing to be uncomfortable for the sake of Christ.

I am not sending her link to make you feel guilty or that you have to move to Africa to be in the center of God's will. I send it to challenge you to seek out God's will for your life, whatever that may be, and live it out passionately, obstacles and all. I send it to you to challenge you to live selflessly, with a desire to show people Jesus, and to be willing to be uncomfortable while you reflect Jesus and live out God's will with passion.

My Furry Friends-Part 5

Well, we now come to the end of my furry friends. Finally! This is it. No more furry friends at my house. I have reached my limit, because I don't want another mouth to feed, have to take to the doctor, let outside to go potty, or worry about getting them clean.

So, please little puppy, don't come to my house if you are homeless. You are so hard to resist, and I feel sorry for you.

Anyways, I am proud to introduce Tucker:

Tucker is afraid of cameras so this picture sent him into hysterics. That is why he won't look at the camera and is in the bathroom-he was trying to get away. We rarely take pictures of him, because we feel so bad. Are you surprised that he comes with his own mental problems as well? That is a requirement you know to be a part of this Nutcase clan.  

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sugar Comas and Cavities

Yesterday, She Isa and Mymomma Isa had their elementary valentine's day parties. I went to them, because it is just a fun thing to do and creates great memories. I hope they remember me being there for them, but if not, I still have great memories. The memories I have from yesterday can pretty much be summed up in 4 words-SUGAR COMAS AND CAVITIES. You should have seen the amount of junk these kids had to eat. Just being in the room looking at it put me into a sugar coma. I didn't have my camera so I have to rely on clip art to try to convey the amount of sugar. It is not exact, but it will have to do.

Aren't these the prettiest colors? Now, remember I didn't have a camera so you have to use your imagination. Look at this picture and then imagine mounds of sprinkles, red hots, M & M's, chocolate chips, and so much whip cream you can't even see the ice cream. Included with this, of course, is "fruit" juice and multiple other candy items from classmates-the perfect ticket to a dentist's retirement package. With this mental picture in our mind, let's all take a moment to vomit from a stomach ache and wake up from our sugar coma.

O.k.-I am back. Are you feeling better now?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Music Monday

"Music Monday"
Welcome to my first ever "Music Monday". Today, I thought I would start with the first song that is on my playlist, "I Will Show You Love". This song was written and is sung by Kendall Payne. I first heard about her through a DVD put together by Living Water. We heard this amazing song at the end that we had never heard before. We waited for the credits to roll and found it was sung by Kendall Payne. I had never heard of her before, but quickly became a fan. Her writing is thought provoking, challenging, encouraging, fun, and filled with truth. I like her voice as well. She is overall just a great artist. Below you will find the words to "I Will Show You Love".
I Will Show You Love

I will show you love like you’ve never loved before
I will go the distance and back for more if you just say the word

You will come alive again and call the trying times your friend
The pain that you have suffered through will never get the best of you
You will hope in something real that won’t depend on how you feel
When you call my name then I will answer, answer

I am on your side though the wind and waves beat against your faith
You were on my mind when the world was made
Trust in me my child, Trust in me my child

Walk out on the water where you have no control
So scared to death of failure you sacrifice your soul, please let that go

You have climbed an uphill road, You have worn a heavy load
You have cried through endless nights and nearly given up the fight
Watched your dreams like falling stars the heartaches made you who you are
Now looking back you see that I have always been there

Where you gonna hide? Where you gonna hide from Me?
Where you gonna go? Where you gonna go that I can’t see?

I have heard you cry and it breaks my heart for I love you so
I would never lie, this is not the end there is still a hope

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Music Monday

I thought I would try something new. I am not sure how good I will be at keeping it up, but this blog is about trying new things anyways so I thought I would give it a shot.


I love music. I have absolutely no musical talent, but I love it none the less. I love everything about it-the words, the instruments, the rhythm, the talent of the artists which amaze me, and the ability a song has to impact people. Music does something to me; and depending on what the song is, this can be good or bad. You see, I have to be very careful with what I listen to. The words of a song affect/effect (I never figured out that grammatical rule) me greatly. If I am upset with the Other Nut, I can in no way listen to a country song about how "love stinks and I don't need you." If I am feeling a little down, a song about how "life is just horrible" isn't the song for me, because it really impacts me and just helps to solidify my feelings.

Friday, February 11, 2011

My Favorite Place in my House

I thought I would share with you my favorite place in my house-other than my bed where I could sleep for hours on end. Anyways, other than my bed, this is my favorite place to be.

My kitchen is a happy place for me. It is happy, cheerful, and colorful. I love that it is eclectic. I am not a decorator so I can't even begin to tell you the so-called style. I just know that I love it.

We had to redo our kitchen right when we moved in, because we found it was destroyed by termites. I got to design it by looking at numerous magazines. I love standing at my window doing dishes and listening to music. I have logged many hours there. When the weather is pretty, I open the windows and listen to the birds while I do dishes and listen to worship music. I love these times. I can listen to my kids play outside and see them as they ride their bikes. My kitchen is nothing fancy-my counters aren't granite and my stove is a regular older style electric stove that probably doesn't cook even, but I don't care. It fits me perfectly.

There is one thing though that I don't like to do in the kitchen. I will just let the sign speak for me.

One last thing-my kitchen rarely looks that clean. I have 3 kids and 5 animals. The sink is usually on the verge of exploding from too many dishes. Also, sometimes you can't tell that I don't have granite counter tops, because you can't see the counter tops. And some days, it just stinks from-well, your guess is as good as mine.


What Blogging Has Taught Me

So far, blogging has taught me some things. Naturally, one being more computer skills. The other thing that blogging has taught me. . .

that I can't spell.

The end and thank you for spell check.

My Furry Friends-Part 4

Today I am introducing the 4th furry friend that lives with me. I present to you:


Lexie came to us from our street. We saw her running around for a while and realized she didn't have a home. Me being the sorry sap that I am, took her in. We watched for signs, but never saw any and here we are 2 1/2 years later.With Lexie not allowed to sleep in there anymore, Lexie has become more attached to me. She is incredibly loyal to me, following me around the house everywhere I go. She is right next to me right now as I type this.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


W.O.R.D- word. Merriam-Webster defines it like this: something that is said; a brief remark or conversation. We learn to say words at a very young age, and then we spend our whole life learning how to use them. Saying a word and using a word are two different things. Here are some of my thoughts on words.

  • Our words should be words that, if we hit "reply all", we don't have to panic.
  • Our words should be words that, if we ever found out there was a bug hidden in our house, we can still sleep at night.
  • Our words should be a soothing ointment to a hurting world.
  • Our words should be words that, if the other person found out we love Jesus, we wouldn't be ashamed.
Words; the can heal or they can hurt.

(Note: This email was birthed out of the reality that I often need a reminder that I ain't always use my words right.)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Furry Friends-Part 3

Today, you get to meet someone that is very special to me. She is one of my best friends and is there for me through ups and downs. She accepts me at all times and loves me unconditionally. It is my pleasure to introduce:

(also known as Addie, Big Mama, or Mama Dog)

Addie is a special dog that holds a special place in my heart. Weird, I know; but because it is Addie, I don't care. Plus, if you met Addie, you would understand.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Furry Friends-Part 2

Today, I would like to introduce you to our second furry friend, Hobbes.

We named Hobbes after one of our favorite comic strips, Calvin and Hobbes. To be quite honest, if Hobbes knew why we got him, he would probably have some real self-esteem issues.

Monday, February 7, 2011

My Furry Friends-Part 1

In honor of the "dog" I wrote about in this post, I thought I would introduce you to my furry friends. So, in order of how we acquired them, today I present to you-


Yes, he is as mean as he looks in this picture. My best friend says he is "half cat and half demon." He is old and grouchy and pretty much dislikes everyone except for me. 

Still Spinning

Well, I am still on my merry go round, but this time it is different. This time, I am engaged with the issue. This time, we are holding hands waiting to jump off together. This time, there is smooching going on. This time, love and grace is here. This time, God is here.

Friday, February 4, 2011


I did it! I figured it out. I ended up picking the same clip art and working on it in paint. I then downloaded it to photobucket. I got the directions from this blog right here. I hope I did the back link (if that is even what you call it) correct to give her credit for the directions. Now I don't know if the button will actually work, but it is on my blog. Yippee! And now, I should probably go do something with my life like fold laundry or something.


*Disclaimer: I really don't know totally what I am doing when it comes to this whole blogging thing. I am completely new at this; therefore, I really don't know proper blogging etiquette. I figured I would go ahead and apologize for any blogging no-no's that I might commit before I find them out. I really have enjoyed this blogging thing though. It is quite a creative outlet, because I love writing and designing things-even if I am quite challenged at it.

One of the reasons I love my husband

This is an email that I just got from my husband. He is a hoot I tell ya! It is things like this that keep me going even when he does make me mad sometimes.

Ring ring
Tami…hi, it’s me.
me who? Me shawn!
…Shawn McGlothlin
Well, I was wondering…Well, I know it’s kinda late notice…But, well, would you, ummmm…
Would you go out with me Saturday night I have a babysitter and I know its late notice but I really like you and think you are the bomb and want to spend some time with you so would you please consider it because I have a babysitter lined up already and its Hannah and she’s coming at 5:30 did I mention that its tomorrow Saturday ok I think I did already so if you would just think it over real good you don’t need to give me an instant answer unless the answer is yes but if its maybe or no then keep thinking until you change your mind and then tell me and did I mention that you are the bomb oh yes I think I did well its true so you just keep on thinking it over real good like unless of course thinking it over makes you lean toward no then I want your instant gut response ok well I think I will go now thank you goodbye. Click!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Would anyone like a dog?

Would anyone like a dog? If you do, I have one for you. It is even free. No, I am not getting rid of any of my dogs-3 to be exact. Nope, this is a dog that comes to visit about every week, and as much as I love animals, especially dogs, I am sick of this one visiting. It is dirty and needs a bath. I know I am not doing a good job convincing you, but I have never been a good salesman, or I guess some would say, a saleswoman. I was always the little girl trying to sell chocolate by saying things like, "You really don't have to buy any if you don't want to. I am not trying to force you, but if you want any, it's for sell."

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Infinite Grace

I was preparing my teaching the other day, and after some studying I decided to do some mindless reading on my laptop. My brain was tired, and I didn't want to have to think that hard. I found something that fit the bill-What Super Powers Do Celebrities Want? I began clicking through the slide show and saw the expected-the ability to fly, the ability to be invisible, climb buildings like Spider-Man, and the power to heal myself and others. But then I saw one that stopped me dead in my tracks. Actor Adrian Grenier said 2 simple words-"infinite grace". What was supposed to be mindless reading turned into deep ponder as I couldn't get these words out of my head. Infinite grace. What would it look like to have this super power? What would my life look like if I extended grace?

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