Monday, February 28, 2011

10 Things from My Mindless Monday

Well, I am obviously not going to get to a Music Monday today. It will have to wait until next Monday. I blame the flu. I am just still too worn out to think that hard and deep. Instead, I will leave you with 10 things from my Monday that require absolutely no brain power to think about.

    1. My feet really hurt.

They feel like someone has been beating them until they are bruised and swollen.

I have tried ice, heat, massage, and ibuprofen-nothing is working.

I am hoping this is a left over side effect of the flu and not my love for wearing heals.

    2.  The dogs went to the groomers today.

Now they smell and look pretty.

And they don't leave trails of fur where they walk.

    3. My oldest daughter is spending the night with her grandparents tonight.

They live right by her middle school.

I am sure she is loving it, but I am missing her.

The family seems not complete.

    4. I really like when the Other Nut wears Wranglers.

He only has 1 pair, because he just recently bought them.

I have been begging him to get some for 13 years now, and he finally did.

I am wondering why it took him so long to get them.

He is wondering why it took him so long to get them.

He looks hot in them.

     5. My house looks like a tornado blew through it.

I am blaming it on the flu.

And my feet.

    6.  I feel like I am in a cave.

My ears are clogged so I can't really hear.

Again, I blame the flu.

    7. I am supposed to be done with the Total Money Makeover by Thursday.

I am not done yet and don't feel like reading.


    8. Speaking of the Total Money Makeover, we are trying to go to all cash. No more plastic.

I haven't gotten a full tank of gas since.

How do you get a good solid full tank of gas using cash? 

Maybe that is obvious to some, but I need help.

    9. As far as going to all cash with no more plastic-

that is a whole post for later.

    10. I really want a diet coke.

I wanted one all day, but didn't get one.

I really don't know why.

Maybe I will just blame it on the flu. 

I blame everything on the flu right now. 

p.s. I will never NOT get a flu shot again. This is the first year I haven't gotten the flu shot in a really long time, and I got the flu. I know some get the shot and still get sick, but I haven't had that experience yet so next year, I'm getting a shot. Have I mentioned that my feet hurt?

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