Friday, February 25, 2011

Burn, Baby, Burn!

Well, I am still burning up with 102 fever. Actually, now it is down to 100.5 thanks to Ibuprofen. I think I might take some Tylenol too. Thanks to google, I have self diagnosed myself with the flu versus just the common cold. The thing is, I am very afraid of the flu. My panic disorder rears it's ugly head with health issues. Praise God though, because my anxiety has been kept at bay. If you know the severity of my anxiety at one point, you know this is a miracle. And this is without my medication I use to be on. There was a time when I was very thankful for Xanax and Paxil CR, but I am glad that I don't have to take it anymore. Please pray that my kids don't get this or the Other Nut. Please pray that I get better and that my anxiety doesn't show up. Anxiety is not my friend.

While I have been lying here all day, I have thought about other people that are struggling with things a lot worse than myself. Please pray for these people and their families.

This sweet girl is fighting for her life due to brain cancer.

This lady is recovering from a stroke.

This guy just recently lost his young wife to cancer.

My friend is going on her 3rd week of sick kids with no sleep.

Most of these people I don't know. I just follow their blog and have been amazed, blessed, and encouraged by their strength, honesty, and faith.

There are so many others around the world struggling. The world seems to be in complete chaos between protests and natural disasters. When we look at all of this around us, our only hope and peace is that Jesus is in control and that one day He will make all things right again. There will come a day when suffering won't be a part of our world and for that, I am very thankful. Please be in prayer for these sweet people who are struggling and for anyone else that you know is struggling. This world is a hard, broken place.

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