Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Day of Celebration and Hope

Today, I witnessed one of the most glorious sights. Today, I witnessed something that I wasn't sure I would live to see. Today, I witnessed a miracle. Today, I witnessed the result of a God who pursues the hearts' of sinners. Today, I witnessed the fulfillment of years of persistent prayer. Today, I witnessed the public profession of a life changed and renewed hope. All of this because today, I witnessed my almost 66 year old dad get baptized after accepting Christ as his Savior on December 5, 2010. It was a beautiful celebration, and he was surrounded by his whole family; my mom, my sister and her husband, me and my husband, and 6 grandkids. The oldest of the whole gang starting a new life, one that is now filled with hope and eternal life with Jesus Christ.

Today, I also witnessed the funeral of my husband's grandfather, Papa. He was 85 years old. I had known Papa for about 14 1/2 years and had grown to love him and his late wife, Granny. When all of my grandparents had died, they let me "adopt" them as my own, even though I already considered them that when I married the Other Nut. They always treated me with love and kindness and welcomed me into their family with open arms. It was Granny that actually taught me how to blanch fruits and vegetables. And oh, how they loved my kids. They loved taking them crabbing and swimming at the country club, something my kids will always remember. 

Tonight, I sit here thinking about these two events happening on the same day. At first thought, one seems very joyous and the other seems very sad. One seems to be a time to celebrate and the other seems to be a time to mourn. However, the more I think about these two events, I realize they are both a time to celebrate. Please don't get me wrong; I know that with death comes mourning and that there is a time to mourn. But, it is a mourning that comes with a hope, because of a faith in the Savior. Two completely different events, bonded together by the saving grace of God through Jesus Christ. My dad is starting a new life IN CHRIST, and Papa is continuing his life WITH CHRIST; and both of these are reasons to celebrate.

I also realize that as I watched my dad get baptized today, I thought that it is never too late for God to change lives with the saving faith of Jesus. And yet, as I watched Papa get buried, I thought about how death is inevitable. We are all going to die, and we don't know when or how. So while it is never too late for God to change lives on this earth, there remains an urgency to receiving Christ as our Savior. You see, there will come a time when it will be too late. When death meets us, at that moment it will be too late.

So tonight, I am rejoicing that my dad and Papa were not too late.

 Jesus Christ, what a Savior!

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