Friday, February 4, 2011


*Disclaimer: I really don't know totally what I am doing when it comes to this whole blogging thing. I am completely new at this; therefore, I really don't know proper blogging etiquette. I figured I would go ahead and apologize for any blogging no-no's that I might commit before I find them out. I really have enjoyed this blogging thing though. It is quite a creative outlet, because I love writing and designing things-even if I am quite challenged at it.
 I decided yesterday that I would make my own button, because I think they are so cute and figured it would be fun. Oh my goodness! I tried and tried and couldn't figure it out. It became less about the button and more about the challenge of doing it. But alas, I didn't do it (so if anyone out in blogland knows how and can teach me, that would be great. You know, all 5 of my readers). I will perservere though and keep trying to learn. When my husband got home yesterday, I told him I didn't realize blogging was so tiring. I was pooped! Something so funny though that I also didn't realize was with the "counter" that counts how many pageviews. I decided I would put one of those on there just for fun and to see. Well one day I clicked on and saw like 235 views. I thought, "wow, there are some people looking." What I didn't realize was that every time I was trying to learn something and change something to get my blog going, it was counting that. I figured that about 230 of those views were me messing up and redoing! Ha!

If anyone in blogland wants to pass along some proper blogging etiquette, comments welcomed. Because, you know, I am all about proper etiquette.

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