Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gotta Love Little Boys-Part 2!

My son keeps me laughing quite often. Lately, he must know I need some material for my blog, because he has been on a roll. First, let me give you some background information. Thanks to this blog, we have implemented the rule that chores must be done before dinner. No chores, no dinner. Let me tell you, it has worked. My kids don't want to go to bed hungry. Last night, they all hurried and did their chores even though they didn't really want to; their hunger won out over their hatred of chores. After they finished, we all sat down to eat our dinner of chicken, sauteed vegetables, and potatoes. This is a staple meal in this house, and one that my kids really enjoy. Well, apparently my son didn't like it so much last night-maybe the vegetables tasted different or something. Anyways, this is what he said during dinner that almost made me spit water out my nose.

Taking a bite of his vegetables, he quickly spit them out in disgust. Looking up at us he said, "I'm not hungry anymore. Man, I wish I hadn't done my chores."

Maybe it doesn't read as funny as it was, but I am still laughing.

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