Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Furry Friends-Part 2

Today, I would like to introduce you to our second furry friend, Hobbes.

We named Hobbes after one of our favorite comic strips, Calvin and Hobbes. To be quite honest, if Hobbes knew why we got him, he would probably have some real self-esteem issues.
 You see, we got him so Pounce could basically beat up on him. When the half demon cat I introduced you to yesterday was really young, he would try to play with me all the time-he thought I was his mom which meant he thought I was a cat. I would come around the corner just minding my own business, and the little demon would jump out, attach himself to my leg, and start scratching and biting the fire out of me. I got really good at sneaking around the corner and actually catching Pounce before he could get me. He, of course, would still find ways to get me. You might be wondering why I kept the little demon versus shipping him off to the pound. Well, I will tell you. I really don't know actually. Maybe the nut in me felt sorry for the nut in him. I tried everything to get him to stop. I would call different vets trying to find one that had a great solution to my little problem, but I always got the same answers-spray him with a squirt bottle full of water or shake a can full of coins at him. The problem with these so called solutions is that they might work on cats, but not on little demons. I was at a loss until one day when a friend suggested that I just get another cat for Pounce to play with and attack. I had never thought of that before, and I thought it was genius. Plus, I was getting desperate. My legs were starting to look like something was really wrong with me.

So, Hobbes entered the picture. I rescued him from the pound to bring him home to the demon cat. He was the cutest little ball of fluff I had ever seen and sitting all alone in a cage. All of the other cats had at least one playmate so I naturally couldn't leave him there all alone. So he became animal number 2 and to my wonderful enjoyment, Pounce began jumping on him and stopped attacking me. And because Hobbes is also a cat, he didn't mind it. He would play and fight back so it worked out for both of us.

Hobbes has his own set of problems though, even if he doesn't know the real reason we got him. He is really fluffy so he likes to throw up hair balls.  I will give him credit though-at least he picks places that aren't fabric. Well, most of the time. He also is kind of a loner, but still somewhat friendly to visitors (the demon doesn't visit anyone). Hobbes has a deep desire to run away and rebel so we often find him trying to sneak out of the house. That wouldn't be so bad. I am not opposed to outside cats if they have good shelter for bad weather; however, Hobbes doesn't have any front claws so he can't defend himself. The other thing that Hobbes suffers from is that he is addicted to food and really likes to have either a full bowl at all times or someone in there with him while he eats. I, of course, don't cater to his need at the risk of reinforcing this odd behavior. Plus, I am too lazy to stand there and watch him eat. I don't really want to stand and watch anyone eat. The bad thing, though, is that if I am sleeping, and he wants to eat and have me with him, he does the strangest most annoying thing. He uses his teeth to pull on my hair! And he doesn't give up either.

He is a rather nice cat though and probably one of the most normal animals we own. But when you are comparing him to the little demon, I guess that isn't saying much.

Stay tuned for tomorrow when you get to meet the 3rd furry friend that we own. I better go-Hobbes needs me to watch him eat.

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