Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Furry Friends-Part 3

Today, you get to meet someone that is very special to me. She is one of my best friends and is there for me through ups and downs. She accepts me at all times and loves me unconditionally. It is my pleasure to introduce:

(also known as Addie, Big Mama, or Mama Dog)

Addie is a special dog that holds a special place in my heart. Weird, I know; but because it is Addie, I don't care. Plus, if you met Addie, you would understand.
I have a list of people that want her if for some reason, we can't keep her. The first on the list is her grandmother, Ninnie. My mom loves Addie too. Everyone loves Addie, but let me use this moment to say-no one can have her. I will never part from her aside from death. I don't really know if there will be animals in heaven or when God makes the new earth, but I really want to believe that Addie will be there as my own special dog. You see, Addie and me-we belong together. I can't even bring myself to think about her age, because then I find myself thinking about her not being around.

We got Addie from CAPS. They had kept her longer than normal, because she was so sweet. They just knew she would make a great pet. We knew that if we had another girl we would name her Addison Grace. Since we were done having kids, we decided that name fit perfect for our new family member. She was the perfect addition. The kids loved her and she loved them. She didn't mind the cats at all. In fact, she left them alone. The little demon had other thoughts though, and Addie is actually afraid of him. I mean, who isn't afraid of demons?

She loves to take care of all of us, especially if we are sick. She won't leave the kids if they are sick. Instead, she sleeps next to them in the game room. She does the same for me as well. She always can tell when I need some love. If I am crying, she licks my tears away. Yes, I let her. I can't resist the face. She goes everywhere with us in the car that she can, sitting in the front passenger seat like she is human. She doesn't like the kids going away to school in the morning so she pouts. No goodbye kisses in the morning-only welcome home kisses in the afternoon when they return. She has also helped some kids get over their fear of dogs, because of her gentle nature.

When we got her, they said they were pretty sure she had at least 2 litters, maybe 3. I have to say that she has the stomach to prove it. That of course, is just another bond we have. We understand the plight of our stomachs. No matter what, the skin just doesn't go back to normal. We sometimes compare our battle scars from carrying our offspring and childbirth. I tell her at least she has fur to cover the stretch marks; but, then again, at least I can cover the saggy skin with my clothes. Poor thing can't cover hers.

You can tell that she was probably a wonderful mommy. She is so gentle with little kids and loves babies. The only problem though is that she really likes to lick and bathe them. I bet her puppies were bald from all of the bathing. I present to you exhibit A:

This is her "baby". It used to be a red fox, but now it is just the tail. She loves it to death as you can see. She doesn't really tear it apart, but instead she licks it apart. She also shows it to new people and stands there with it in her mouth until the person acknowledges her "baby". If anyone reading needs a babysitter, I am sure Addie would love to do it. She wouldn't even charge.

With all of the love though, comes her own set of issues. She is obviously suffering from separation anxiety as she can't stand to be away from me. I think she also struggles with not having her babies. I sometimes wonder if she is depressed and tries to make up for it in the bathing rituals of her "baby". By the looks of her stomach, she also self-soothes with food trying to fill the void left from losing her puppies. She does a good job though with persevering, because she wags her tail so much out of excitement a lot of times. If we could figure out how to harness that energy, we could quit paying the electric company.

Even with some of her quirks, I completely overlook them in her. Love does that to a person. The Other Nut says that I spoil her rotten which I do. She doesn't like going out in the backyard to go potty so she gets to go in the front yard. She deserves it I say. She is just a great dog. Now if you will excuse me, I need to go pet her.

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