Friday, February 11, 2011

My Furry Friends-Part 4

Today I am introducing the 4th furry friend that lives with me. I present to you:


Lexie came to us from our street. We saw her running around for a while and realized she didn't have a home. Me being the sorry sap that I am, took her in. We watched for signs, but never saw any and here we are 2 1/2 years later.With Lexie not allowed to sleep in there anymore, Lexie has become more attached to me. She is incredibly loyal to me, following me around the house everywhere I go. She is right next to me right now as I type this.
 She immediately took to my oldest daughter and kind of became her dog. She would sleep with her on her bed as you can see from the picture above. That is, until we found out she was allergic to dogs. Now, before you give me the worst mother award ever and call CPS for still having 3 dogs in the house, know that we talked extensivelywith her allergist about this. He said to just keep the dogs out of her room and put a HEPA filter in there. She is not extremely allergic to them like some children are. So, with the doctor's advice, we kept the dogs; however, her room is a dog free zone. My oldest was quite sad about this, because she loved Lexie sleeping with her.

Lexie, like all of my other animals, comes with problems. She is extremely protective of us, and we believe it is because she has some type of herding breed in her. That is just a guess, but watching her behavior, it seems to be possible. She loves to play with the kids, but in a let me protect and herd you kind of way. She likes to keep them in a pack I guess. She does this with the other 2 dogs as well. When they play, she spends her time trying to settle them down. She doesn't seem too bright at times if you know what I mean; however, what she lacks upstairs she makes up for in athletic ability-she is extremely fast. She has a very mean bark, but has never been mean to any person, especially the kids. When people come over, she loves to just stand there and let them pet her. I would say though, that she is the one that I figure would protect us the most if some boogie man were to come in. So, please don't try to rob us any time soon. Thank you.

Lexie may like people, but I will say she doesn't like other animals-especially little dogs. She seems to view them as a threat to her herd. Our neighbors down the street have a little weenie dog that they never leave inside (that is another story). This dog runs up and down the street a lot! Well, Lexie has bitten that dog twice-one time in our house (yes, the dog used to come in, one time through our cat door) and another time on our driveway. Lexie had gotten out through a hole in the fence. I had her by the collar, and the little dog approached me on our driveway. Let's just say Lexie didn't like that. We ended up at the vet's office 10 minutes later. Needless to say, we are very careful not to let Lexie out in the front. Oh, and let's not forget the dog training she went through using this company. We figured we needed to see if we had a vicious dog on our hands. Nope-just a normal dog that doesn't like other dogs in her face that make her feel threatened. That really shouldn't be surprising, because I don't like it either. Who would?

Anyways, she is a sweet dog. Really she is, or we wouldn't have her. She does have one other minor problem though. She apparently likes to eat cat poop which is way gross. Although there have times that I thought it would make cleaning the litter easier if I just let her eat all the poop out of it-just kidding! Because we know this about her, we don't really let her give us kisses-she kind of has stinky breath. Oh yeah, and she came to us with heartworms. I am happy to announce though, she is heartworm free.

I love Lexie for her loyalty-she is a good dog to have around.  

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