Monday, February 7, 2011

My Furry Friends-Part 1

In honor of the "dog" I wrote about in this post, I thought I would introduce you to my furry friends. So, in order of how we acquired them, today I present to you-


Yes, he is as mean as he looks in this picture. My best friend says he is "half cat and half demon." He is old and grouchy and pretty much dislikes everyone except for me. 
He tolerates the Other Nut and somewhat likes the kids; although he has been known to hiss and swat at them. We didn't find him, rather he found us. 6 months into our marriage, I heard this awful scream outside. I, of course, went to investigate and coming from around the corner was this little creamy white kitten. Yes, I said creamy white-he got darker the older he got. He went over to the "dark side"-pretty soon he is going to be telling me "Ima, I am your father" (insert scary Darth Vader voice). Well, when I picked him up, that did it. We were destined to be together. He weighed only about 2 pounds and wasn't doing well. I nursed him back to health, and here we are 12 1/2 years later. He is actually quite mental so he fits right in here in the Nutcase family. His mental disorders are many with anxiety being at the top of the list (he got that from me). He has a little pill he can take when he gets too anxious, especially if traveling is involved. If it gets too advanced, Pounce won't empty his bladder and bad things can happen from that. He has anger issues and needs anger management classes like no body's business. He suffers from bulimia too. He waits all day to eat, then goes and gorges himself only to throw it up right after-usually on some type of fabric and never the hard floors. Then, he goes back and eats a little bit more and actually holds that portion down. He has bad separation anxiety and sleeps on my head or back every night. If he is cold, he will venture under the covers to my feet; but that is dangerous, because if you try to move him, he growls like a dog. And he obviously didn't get his sucking urges taken care of as a small kitten, because he still "nurses" on my hand.

Yeah, I know. He is weird and crazy. Even weirder is the fact that I put up with all this mess. So who really is the nutcase in this story? On second thought, don't answer that.

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