Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nutcase Give Away

In honor of humor, spoofs, and give aways, I am holding my very own, first ever Nutcase Give Away!

I love reading her blog. She is funny and has helped me gain a slight love for cooking (which is huge for me), as well as an extra 10 pounds. Come to think of it, I should send her a thank you note, because I just love gaining weight (as if she made me eat that chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream today). Anyways, I love her blog, and she sometimes has give aways. They have always been things that she purchases herself; nothing is donated. Until just recently that is. One thing she likes to give away is a Kitchen Aid mixer, because she says she loves hers. She has done that numerous times on her blog using her own money which she makes very clear on her blog. Well, just recently Kitchen Aid actually contacted her and together they designed a custom made mixer that was donated by Kitchen Aid to be a give away. It is absolutely so cute. Take a look at it, as well as her whole blog; but do it when you have time, because you will want to stay a while.

Well, I decided that I should do a give away to say thank you to all of my 5 readers. Now before you get really excited and crash my server trying to win, let me remind you of one thing: this is a Nutcase give away, done in Nutcase style-which basically just means cheap. Kitchen Aid, for some reason, hasn't contacted me yet to donate a mixer. When they do, I will be sure to let you know. Until then, this item will have to do.

Sunbeam Nutcracker and Pick Set
I know. My generosity abounds. You can thank me later. You might be wondering why I chose this item as my first give away. Well, for one, it fits with my blog-you know, the whole nutcase/nutcracker theme. I don't even know if people use these anymore to actually crack open nuts, but again, it matches my blog title. If you don't want to crack open nuts with it, I am sure you can find some use for it. Maybe you can use it as chopsticks. The four little metal picks kind of look like you can give yourself a good teeth cleaning with them. Save you a trip to the dentist. Look at how versatile this gift is. Mixers aren't this versatile. I'm just saying. The second reason why I chose this item is, well, because it was cheap. It cost me a whole $5. When Kitchen Aid calls, I will give away something worth a little more. Until then, you get a nutcracker.

OK, so here are the rules. Pick a number between 1 and 2000. The closest person to the correct number without going over wins. Most blogs use a random number generator that picks the commenter, but I have no idea what that is. Remember, this is Nutcase style so we are using the cheap, free honor system here. I won't cheat. If I do and you find out, you can squeeze my fingers with your nutcracker. Only one guess per person. You can leave it in the comments section or can email me using the email address on the right side of the blog. The last and final rule is that you have to play-all 5 of you. If no one plays, then I can't give away my nutcracker and just imagine your life without a nutcracker. Seems pretty bleak doesn't it.

I will let everyone know who wins this fabulous prize on Tuesday night. So send in your answers, but please don't crash my server in the mad rush. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Ok. Let's see. I really need here number is 27.

Cheryl said...


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