Friday, February 4, 2011

One of the reasons I love my husband

This is an email that I just got from my husband. He is a hoot I tell ya! It is things like this that keep me going even when he does make me mad sometimes.

Ring ring
Tami…hi, it’s me.
me who? Me shawn!
…Shawn McGlothlin
Well, I was wondering…Well, I know it’s kinda late notice…But, well, would you, ummmm…
Would you go out with me Saturday night I have a babysitter and I know its late notice but I really like you and think you are the bomb and want to spend some time with you so would you please consider it because I have a babysitter lined up already and its Hannah and she’s coming at 5:30 did I mention that its tomorrow Saturday ok I think I did already so if you would just think it over real good you don’t need to give me an instant answer unless the answer is yes but if its maybe or no then keep thinking until you change your mind and then tell me and did I mention that you are the bomb oh yes I think I did well its true so you just keep on thinking it over real good like unless of course thinking it over makes you lean toward no then I want your instant gut response ok well I think I will go now thank you goodbye. Click!

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