Saturday, March 19, 2011

For My Dad and Mom

Hey dad and mom, this is for you. (If you are not my dad or mom, feel free to still read this very short post.)

I have successfully completed my 20 hours of CE required for my RN license to stay current. I am up to date for another 2 years. Just thought you would want to know since you kind of remind me:)

p.s. Thank you, dad and mom, for helping me get through college (all 6 years) without student loans so I didn't graduate with debt.

p.s.s. I studied wound care so I can take care of your elderly wounds. Ha! Just kidding.

I love you both very much.

Love, Ima Nutcase


Anonymous said...

This is your "elderly" mother...loved to see that post!! You have to keep your license current, the way health care is going you may be our families only doctor!! Thanks for the post, that was very sweet...we love you too!! You put in a lot of hard work and long hours to become an yea fo you!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm correcting my "so yea fo you" that should read "so yea for you" !!

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