Sunday, March 6, 2011

Like Peas and Carrots

If you haven't met Addie, you need to. She is something special. I really, really love her. We were meant to be together. That is why these last 2 weeks have been difficult on her. You see, I have been sleeping on the couch ever since I got sick. The couch allows me to sleep sitting up if needed due to my cough. It also kept my germified body away from the Other Nut and allowed him to sleep while I coughed my lungs up. Well, Addie has known that something is not right with her momma so she has stayed really close. The problem is though, she is pretty old so she doesn't really like sleeping on the wood floors. She sometimes will sleep on the rug by the front door just to be kind of close to me, but at night she has been sleeping in her bed in our bedroom-which is pretty far away from me. Needless to say, me being sick has been hard on her. She wants to help me.

Well, last night I was awaken in the quiet of the night and found this

Poor girl just couldn't stand it any longer. She had to be close to her momma, and she knows she isn't supposed to be on my yellow couches. But she doesn't always listen very well-someone (me) doesn't always make her. So I let her stay. Addie and me, we're like peas and carrots.

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