Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Much Ado About Nothing

I have some things swirling around in my head, but I am too tired to blog about them in a coherent manner so I will just blog about, well, nothing. I am finally starting to feel better for which I am so thankful. Every other day seems to be a tired day, and my ribs hurt from all of the coughing. I have a spot that feels like someone kicked me hard a couple of times, but oh well-I am not really coughing that much anymore so I will take what I can get. The bum thing is that you would think I would have a six-pack going on due to all of the coughing, but no such luck.

I am slowly getting my house back in shape after being sick. I have to say that men just don't clean the same as women (sorry honey). It is definitely a slow process though. I have a really good sense of smell so the stinch is starting to really get to me. Tomorrow my goals are the kitchen, floors, and one bathroom. We'll see how far I get. Right now, the dog is back visiting. This time I think he brought a friend. It wouldn't be so bad, but Ms. Trini (the wonderful lady that helps keep my house clean) is out of town. She is actually moving to the Valley so I won't have her help much longer. We are all very sad about this, because she is like another grandma to my kids. We love her dearly. She will be missed, but I am so excited for her. When she moves, she is retiring and is just going to relax which she much deserves.

My 2 younger kids got in trouble tonight. I took them to Bible study with me, and they stayed in the childcare. 5 minutes before we went, we talked about how we are to act. They told me all the right answers and then proceeded to completely disobey. They are now grounded from fun activities and playing with their little friends down the street. My son kept digging his hole deeper as he told me very clearly that "they are not my parents". Bad choices my little nuts.

I am still on the couch, because the last 2 nights I tried to sleep in the bed, and it just made me feel bad again, because of lying too flat. I am beginning to worry I will never be able to sleep in the bed again. I am afraid I am forever resigned to this couch, but oh how I miss the Other Nut. He is encouraging though and says I will get back to normal-whatever that is for me. Tonight, I brought Addie's bed in here so she can sleep by me. She is now curled up and snoring. Hey, it is just like having the Other Nut next to me as far as snoring goes.

I am a news junkie and read all kinds of news. I can't help but see everything going on with the actor Charlie Sheen. I won't say much, but I will say that it is showing me that I lack compassion. That realization is a whole other blog for another time when I want to think more deeply, but not tonight.

I am probably going to do another give away soon. And yes, it will be a little bit better than the first (that one was more of a joke). I don't have gift giving as one of my love languages, but I realized that I liked the element of surprise of who was going to win. It was fun getting to surprise someone with the news that they won. Again, it will be a better gift, but remember that it is still Nutcase style-Kitchen Aide hasn't contacted me yet. 

I go to 2 doctors' appointments tomorrow. I am kind of tired of seeing doctors lately, although I am very thankful that we have them so available. I am just tired of the driving. Plus, I need to be cleaning. But, I will go because I need to. I have taken all the kids to catch them up on their well child check-ups. In 2 weeks, I will have gone to 7 appointments with at least 3 more to schedule. This reminds me that my nursing license expires in 22 days. Yikes! I better get to doing my 20 hours and studying to take my test. It is easy-just remembering to take the time to work on it is hard. Maybe I should take it to my 2 appointments tomorrow.

I love that it is spring time. Seeing the grass turn green, and the trees starting to put out leaves is really fun. It is my favorite time of year. I love the smells, the sounds, the weather. I don't really like the allergies, but they are worth it to see the promise of new life. It is amazing to see things that look so dead begin to look so alive. It reminds me of myself. I once was so dead in my sin only to become alive in Christ. He is what allows me to experience "spring time" in my life. I get so excited to see things bloom and grow. It makes me smile. I like to think that is how God feels when He sees new growth on me. I think He smiles when an area of sin in my life begins to die and wither away and is replaced by new growth that is more like Christ. I love spring!

Well, I guess that is it for now. It is time for bed. Good night!

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