Monday, March 14, 2011


Today, we went for another bike ride. Once again, it was super fun. However, I will say that I am very sore in the bum. I finally had to put my jacket on my seat for extra cushion. The Other Nut said I looked funny, but I didn't care-that is until I rode pass someone and figured he was laughing inside. The Other Nut said that the pain will eventually get better. Please tell me that he is right! I am considering a new seat though. Maybe something like this:

Schwinn No Pressure <em>Bicycle Seat</em>

They call it the "no pressure" seat. That Other Nut said it will look funny on my nice mountain bike, but I also look funny riding with a jacket on my seat. What does a girl do? I will persevere though, because I am just tough like that. Ha! Also, I just really like riding my new bike. It has been such a fun thing. Just please don't laugh at me if you see me walking funny.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to protect my bum, please leave me a comment so I can ride pain free.

On another note, we have seen 2 movies since spring break started-How To Train Your Dragon and Mars Needs Moms. They were both good movies that we all enjoyed. I personally liked How To Train Your Dragon better, but Mars Needs Moms had a good message to it. I even asked the kids if I would now get the respect I deserved as a mom or was I going to have to go all the way to Mars to get it. Apparently, the message wasn't loud enough, because they all kind of just laughed-even the Other Nut. I guess I will be going to Mars in the near future.

p.s. I know it is Monday so technically it could be a Music Monday, but since it is spring break, I will be waiting until next Monday.

Signing off now-gotta go ice my bum. 

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