Friday, March 11, 2011

Should I Be Worried?

So, I went to the dentist yesterday to get a cavity filled, and a funny thing happened-I almost had a full blown panic attack sitting in the chair. You might be wondering why I think that is funny so I will tell you. You see, it wasn't my fault. Usually I can blame my panic attacks on my own crazy mind, but this time I think I am going to have to divert the blame.

This is a new dentist who I have only seen one other time for a regular cleaning (let me interject here that I still really like this new dentist). OK, moving on. At this cleaning, they found that I had a cavity between 2 teeth. I scheduled another appointment for 2 weeks out to get it fixed. When the lady at the front desk gave me my estimated price, I saw that it automatically had nitrous oxide (laughing gas) on it so I asked about that. She said "Oh we just add that, but I can take it off if you don't want it." I politely said "thank you, I am not going to be needing that", and she took it off. Now, I know I have many fears, but going to the dentist for any reason is NOT one of them (except if it is my little nut who needs demoral to get a cavity filled. Then I freak out); but for me, no problem. I even had a root canal done with just good old fashion numbing medicine. Anyways, when I showed up yesterday, the lady once again asked if I was going to want laughing gas. I said no-again. They take me to my chair to get me all ready, and ANOTHER girl asks me if I am going to want laughing gas, because she doesn't see it on the order form. For the 3rd time, I said no.

Now I am starting to feel a tiny hint of anxiety. I mean, why do all these people keep asking me if I want laughing gas?! And they seem a bit surprised that I don't want it. Am I missing something here? It had been a while since I had a cavity fixed so maybe things have changed. I am beginning to wonder if the procedure is different somehow now. Maybe it is like having your left arm cut off, and all I am using is a little old shot. I am starting to feel the "feeling" now all around me-the floating, fainting feeling, but I will NOT let it get me. Besides, then they will probably make me get the laughing gas.

About this time, a 4th girl walks in and asks "oh, she doesn't want the laughing gas?" and then she looks at me and asks me directly. I finally couldn't stand it any longer so I ask (hopefully nicely), "Does everyone get laughing gas or something, because you people keep asking me if I want it? And I have never been asked before by a dentist." Their reply-"Oh, no. We were just asking." Yeah, like 50 times.

The thing is now I have no idea what to expect. Is this dentist a one shot only man so if it hurts, too bad. Is that why they all seem to want me to get the gas? Do they know something I don't? Am I about to be tortured and should I be worried? I managed to ward off the full blown panic attack by praying and watching the really boring basketball game going on in front of me. About 15 minutes after the dentist started, I was finished and ready to go. I found out that nothing had changed in regards to cavities in the dental industry-I still had my left arm, and my tooth felt fine. I then received what they called "my post-op instructions", because you know, I just had major surgery. Again, maybe I am missing something here. Maybe getting a cavity fixed can really cause pain later to where you need medicine, heat, and warm salt water rinses, but I have never personally experienced this.

I eventually left, the numbness wore off, and I forgot I even had it done-until the doctor called at 8:45 p.m. to check on me.

Well, I still really like this dentist and his office. They are obviously big on customer service and making you feel comfortable which I appreciate. I will just have to remember that when I go there, they might make me feel like I am getting a lobotomy or something.

From a cavity free chick.

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