Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Well, I made it to the doctor's office today. I have fought off the flu, but have a secondary infection. I have bronchitis, sinusitis, and both eyes are infected. Basically, I look like a mess. I think I am going to be OK though. I have antibiotics for my lungs and then some for my eyes. I love western medicine! Praise God for antibiotics. And according to doctor's orders, I need lots of rest and can't let my family near me. I have to take mucinex as well and hot showers to break up my phlegm. I am then supposed to spit it out so that means I have a science experiment going on in a cup. I know that sounds gross, but when you feel like I do, you don't really care. You should have seen how I looked when I went to the doctor's office. I wore socks with my flip flops. Thank you to everyone who is praying. I really appreciate it. Oh and my anxiety has been doing really well which is an answer to prayer. So thanks!

Keep praying for my family to be protected. Pray for the Other Nut. He is a little overwhelmed, because I have been out of it for almost a week. He has had to pretty much work all day and then take over when he gets home. He doesn't like when momma is sick!

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