Thursday, March 24, 2011


I know I am supposed to post about the bad which turned to ugly, and I will really soon. However, I had to update you on my funny little nut. He got up really early again on Wednesday and did the same things as Tuesday, but today was even funnier. I remember slowly being awakened by a constant sound-kind of like a basketball. I woke up enough to realize that it was a basketball. My little nut son was "practicing" his basketball skills in the gameroom by dribbling and pretending to shoot into a laundry basket. This is all fine and good, but when you realize that it is 4:45 AM, you kind of want it to stop. We kindly asked him to stop and wait until it was at least 6:00 AM and had him go lay down on the couch (he of course was all ready for school with his lunch once again made). He did, but I don't think he totally went back to sleep. He laid there with his buddy, Tucker, our dog. He is cracking me up with his new schedule. Well, OK, I wasn't exactly laughing at 4:45 AM when I heard the basketball, but by the grace of God, I maintained my composure. I tell you what, this little guy has brought a lot of laughter to our family.

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