Saturday, March 19, 2011

We Make A Good Team

The Other Nut and me-we make a good team.

You see, I hate roaches. I mean really, really hate them. Like, hate them so much that my kids pick up any dead ones that wonder into our home, because I don't like to pick them up. It grosses me out. When I was pregnant with Kayli, I found a dead one in the kitchen. I only ate stuff out of the refrigerator for 3 days, because I was afraid I would see another roach in the pantry. I know that is ridiculous, but that is what roaches do to me. I have yet to discover any amount of good they bring to this world. The ones that really gross me out are the big outside roaches. My skin is crawling just from typing this. Even the dead ones gross me out. And you can't ever step on one unless you make a noise, because you can hear the crunch. Excuse me while I go vomit real quick.

OK, I am back. Anyways, did I tell you that I hate roaches? Well, I do.

The Other Nut doesn't really like them either, but he will at least kill them and pick them up for me. His love for me out weighs his dislike of roaches. What doesn't out weigh his love for me is a dead animal, namely a dead squirrel. That grosses him out the way roaches gross me out. Yesterday, we found a dead squirrel. It had apparently went into our bird house and couldn't get back out. We found it hanging from the hole, his back legs stuck inside. Poor little thing. If we had known, we could have helped him out-not that he would have let us, but we could have tried. It was quite awful looking, and made the Other Nut nauseous just thinking about it. He made it pretty clear that he couldn't take it down or he would vomit.

I will make my little nuts pick up the roaches, but I couldn't bring myself to making them deal with a dead squirrel so that left me for the job. But I could do this. Hey, it was much better than a dead roach. The funny thing is, we found a dead roach in the game room the morning I was going to deal with the dead squirrel so the Other Nut and I made a deal; he would get the roach, and I would get the squirrel.

I jumped on that deal in a second. Anything to not have to pick up a roach. I grabbed the ladder, gloves, a rake, a trash bag, and a face mask (I didn't really care to smell the thing) and went to work. 5 minutes later, the evidence was gone, and I was happy I didn't have to see the roach. The Other Nut was happy he didn't have to deal with the squirrel.

We both agreed that we make a pretty good team.

So what about you? Roach or squirrel?


Cheryl said...

You really are a nut! I don't like roaches - they make my skin crawl. But you couldn't pay me enough to get that dead squirrel out of the tree!
You guys do make a good team. :)

Anonymous said...

I grew up in the country, so got kinda used to dealing with critters. We were always running across little dead animals (having a farm, cats, and a large glass window that birds would fly into causes that)and I really didn't like dealing with them, but ya do what ya gotta do. Bugs don't really creep me out, unless they're spiders, big spiders, in the same house as me. Now, that's just creepy...

"Ima" said...

So are you saying Cheryl that you would take the roach? :) When the kids get older, you can always have them pick them up like I do. Now doesn't that sound like a horrible mom?!

"Ima" said...

Priscilla, it was nice to read your comment. The funny thing is I can do spiders. I think my hangup is bugs that fly. I find them creepy. I also went to your blog and wanted to say thank you to you and your husband for serving our country. I know you are not technically in the military, but as a wife, you are. Thank you for helping other military wives. Are you still taking classes in seminary? I am starting possibly in the fall taking one class at a time. I am excited, but will go at a slow pace.

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