Friday, March 18, 2011


We went to a rodeo Tuesday in Gonzales, Texas. We had a lot of fun watching all of the events. I know we live right outside of Houston and could have gone to the Houston Rodeo, but we decided to go to a smaller one for different reasons. We figured it wouldn't be so crowded so the kids could see the events up close, and I liked the thought of not possibly losing them in the crowd. We also thought they would like that the riders were younger (it was a youth rodeo). Another perk was that we thought it was free which is a lot cheaper than the Houston Rodeo. Turns out it wasn't free, but it was still cheaper. The kids loved it and thought it was a great day. We ate a lot of bad for you food and got really dirty. The only problem though is that Gonzales doesn't sell diet coke in a fountain drink, only in a can. They only sell Pepsi in a fountain drink which I personally can't stand. I would have a very hard time staying in Gonzales for an extended period of time-they don't support my addiction.

Hope you enjoy the pictures of our fun day!

My son trying to get into the arena. "I just want to ride a horse and touch the dirt Mom!"

My daughter also trying to get into the arena. She also wanted to ride a horse.

My son being a "real cowboy" he said.
I really wanted to take this little guy home. Just look at that face. If he only knew what his future holds, he would be crying and not so scared of me.

My middle daughter being silly in the dirt-outside of the main arena.

My son playing in the dirt. There is something about rodeo dirt that makes my kids want to get dirty. The dirtier, the better!

Again, more dirt playing.
"Go, cowgirl, go!"

They rode so fast! The kids were amazed at how fast they rode and wanted to ride too.

Even though I didn't get any diet coke, I did get see the Other Nut in his wranglers. That made it all worth it. He didn't let me take his picture though-I had to snap it when he walked off. He said, "It wouldn't be a good example for the kids, blah, blah, blah." Because, you know, it is not good for a wife to think her husband is really sexy and has a cute behind, especially in wranglers.

 It was a great day. The only bad thing is that the next morning, the kids decided to act like Tucker, one of our dogs, was a calf. They roped him and tied him down. He, of course, loves to play with the kids so he just let them. For a while that is. Eventually, he had enough. I did have a video of it, but I won't post it. By that time, he was done, and I don't want PETA coming after me. 

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