Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Creativity-it's something I value, and something I have tried to instill in my children. I think it opens up your mind no matter what form your creativity takes.

My middle child always amazes me with her creativity. If I won't let her have something, she just goes and makes it. Take for instance a cell phone or a laptop. She has made countless "phones" and "laptops" out of paper and cardboard. We don't have video games so one day I found her pretending to play video games on her pretend phone. She even went so far as to say that she couldn't believe how long it was taking the game to download! Anytime I see or hear her creativity, I smile. It brings me joy.

Just yesterday, she found a branch that resembled a small tree. That was enough to get the wheels a turnin'. She proceeded to plant it in the ground in our flower bed first. She then asked me if she could have my small bird's nest and cute little robin egg's blue bird eggs that sit neatly inside in my bedroom. Knowing that I would probably never see them again, I promptly said no. I did, however, have an extra little nest in my craft closet she could have. That made her happy, but she tried one more time for the eggs. Again, I said no. Hey-I'm just trying to foster creativity.

And it worked!

She went outside, put the little nest in the "tree", found some pecans, painted them white, placed them in the nest, and taped leaves to the branches. I stood at the kitchen window and just smiled-the creativity of a child just amazes me.

Being that spring has sprung, I thought this would be a cute project for little ones courtesy of my middle child. You can even buy little plastic birds from the dollar store. I got the nest at Hobby Lobby for 2 for $1.99. We had everything else, either in the craft closet or found it outside.

Creativity-I think it's something worth fostering.

P.S. My son just walked in asking for duct tape. Apparently, he would like to make a sling shot.

P.S.S. My son just walked in and showed me his newly made sling shot. I'm taking bets on how long it is before one of my neighbors comes to tell me my son has broken something of theirs. That should really foster their love of us :)

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