Friday, April 1, 2011

The Faith of A Child

When I was driving home from taking the kids to school Monday morning, I started thinking about the faith of a child. Earlier that morning, my oldest said something that made my mind go there. I had forgotten to put her gym clothes in the dryer until her sister woke me up at 4:30 AM needing a band aide. When I saw the green light on in the laundry room, I was so thankful as I put the clothes into the dryer at the wee hours of the morning. I told Kayli she should thank her sister for somehow scratching her leg in the middle of the night. As I handed her the clean, DRY gym clothes, without missing a beat she said, "God is good all the time." Sadly, my first thought was "it's just clothes"; but to her it spoke of a God that cares and loves us. It was simple, pure faith that God is good and involved in even what I consider the mundane. 

I question; I analyze; I try to figure things out; I wrestle sometimes with the goodness of God; I look at things and consider them too simple to require faith; I worry too much about the possible response. I strive and strive to grow up, become more mature, be more like Jesus; and yet, I find myself desiring the faith of a child.

A child invites his friends to sit on the curb so he can tell them about Jesus.

A child asks her friend if she knows Jesus. When she says yes, she doesn't stop there. She asks if anyone else in her family needs to come to know Christ.

This mom writes about her child praying to find an American Girl doll at a garage sale and finds one that same day. (It is a wonderful post that I very much encourage you to read).

One day my kids said they were going to pray that their gym teacher would be absent. I guess they were tired of him yelling and making them do jumping jacks. I just threw it out as simple, silly kid stuff. God heard a genuine prayer-he was absent that day.

A lady at church said her son wanted a dog. She, however, did not so her son started praying for one. She said, "OK if one shows up on our porch, then you got a dog, because God has answered your prayer." He now has a dog.

My oldest child tells me that I need not worry about anything happening to her before she turns 31 years old. Why? Because God told her she was to go to China as a missionary when she is 31. And at the age of 11 1/2, she is saving up her money to go.

A little girl buys her Muslim friend a Bible so that she can learn about Jesus. She tries to tell her about Jesus whenever she can at school.

Childlike faith. What a beautiful sight to behold!

What has your child or someone else's child taught you about faith?
Do you often feel like you are the student, and the child is the teacher?
Do you wish that you could have a childlike faith?

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