Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gotta Love Little Boys-Part 4!

On a typical day, you can find my son doing something that will make you laugh.

Whether it be playing with his favorite dog like this:

or tying his hands up like this:

Or making a sweet, innocent face like this:

Or maybe even a face like this:

Or making a Valentine's Day card to his favorite dog like this:

Or maybe even pretending that the shampoo and conditioner bottles are big guns and hitting the pump over and over again to do this:

And this (and yes, that is a red wiffle ball in the tub):

And then when he tries to clean up his mess, this happens:

And these are just the things I caught on camera!

There is the time he peed in the front flower bed, "just because."

Or the time I told him he couldn't play outside for the rest of the day with his friends, because was in trouble. About 10 minutes later, I realized that one of the little kids running around in the front yard was my son. When I asked exactly how he got there and why, his response was, "I went out the window. I was practicing our fire drill."

Yeah right!

Or the time that I looked down at him during church, and he had yellow plastic knives between each of his fingers pretending to be Wolverine. When I took them away, he just pulled out more.

So on any typical day, my son makes me laugh. He is such a joy to us, and so full of fun and love. I love being his momma-even if I do have a few more gray hairs.

Gotta love little boys!


Lisa Maria said...

You surely have your hands full! I had such a good laugh over those antics. I only have girls myself, but none of them have been 'girlie' girls (neither was I). We climbed trees, scaled walls and tried to catch fish in the drain behind our house.. hung upside down from the top of our swingset... dug up worms to feed the dog.. so, I can empathize... just a little ;-)

Have a great weekend!

"Ima" said...

He sure does keep me busy, but laughing at the same time. My girls make me laugh, but not in the same way. It sounds like you had a fun time-I was not a girlie girl either. I would rather play GI Joe and climb trees. Of course, that meant I got hurt all the time-my poor parents.:)


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