Monday, April 11, 2011

Much Ado About Nothing

Well, last night sleep didn't find me, or should I say, I never found sleep. My anxiety got the best of me and kept me awake. So is the life with Panic disorder. You see, earlier that day the Other Nut had told someone to stop driving down our street so fast-we were afraid he would hit one of the kids. Turns out this guy, or maybe teenager, wasn't so nice. He seemed like someone you wouldn't want to mess with. He yelled and cursed out the Other Nut before driving off. I instantly began to worry that he would come back, the anxiety began to grow, the prayers started, the heart rate increased, the heart rhythym changed, the stomach started hurting, and the eyes didn't close. Like I said-so goes the life with Panic disorder. Although, I will say that it has been a while since it has been this bad. If you are new to reading this blog, or just don't remember me ever saying this-I hate anxiety. It's the pits.

My middle daughter has something called molluscum contagiosum. It is pretty common in children, but I think hers has become infected. Off to the doctor we go today. This, of course, doesn't help the whole anxiety thing. Did I mention that I hate anxiety?

Right now I currently have 2 big zits on my chin. It is so nice to be 36 years old and still have zits sometimes. But hey, it makes me feel young-like a teenager going through puberty! Just kidding-I don't really like it. I know why I have them though. I haven't been eating well-I have some food sensitivities and when I eat a large amount of those foods, I get some zits. You would think I would learn. Also, my doctor told me I was probably just starting early pre-menapause so my hormones were going crazy. Pre-menapause?! Are you for real? Yes, she was. Apparently, some women can start this early, and it can last for a while-like 10 to 15 years before actual menapause. Well, I'm sure glad that I might be one of those lucky ones (please read with sarcasm).

Today is definitely an ibuprofen and diet coke day. With no sleep, poor eating, and a new antibiotic for my lyme disease, if it's a joint, it hurts.

I love spring time. Everything is so green and fresh. I love the sounds of all of the animals I hear during this time. It reminds me of my grandparent's house. When I stand on my driveway and look up, this is what I see in the spring. I love just standing there and looking up. I'm sure my neighbors think I look kind of weird though.

One thing we need though is rain. I could use a rainy day. There is something about being in my house cleaning and listening to music on a rainy day. I find it very peaceful. And I don't believe there is rain in the near forcast here. Bummer!

I love baby wipes. Weird right? I don't have any more babies-my kids are 11, 9, & 8-but baby wipes never go out of style. They are good for so many things. I even clean my animals with them. They work great for in between bath time. I have actually used them to also clean some of my furniture if the kids get a little spot on something. Just be sure to spot check first of course.

I'm tired. Maybe I will take a nap today all day. Oh wait, I have to take my daughter to the doctor. Never mind.

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