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I celebrated my best friend's birthday Thursday (her birthday was Wednesday). We went to lunch and then to a movie together. God has used her in so many ways in my life since I have known her. The journey I have walked since finding out the Other Nut was looking at pornography would have been a lot harder without her, and the cracking process I have gone through would have been a lot more painful without her. I know God put us together in a special unique way-she is my "David and Jonathan" relationship.
So in honor of our friendship and her birthday, I thought I would tell you about her.
We met about 4 years ago over chocolate. You see, it was my first year coordinating our women's retreat at church so I was still learning. I didn't realize how long it would take to actually melt the chocolate for the fondue fountains so we had a bunch of ladies waiting for chocolate. In walks this lady, asking if I needed any help. I, of course, said "Oh no, I've got it all covered. This is a breeze." Ha! Just kidding. I actually said something to the affect, "Yes, please. Oh my gosh. I'm running so far behind." And then I think I might have screamed a little panic scream. Maybe. Just a little.
Then, with it dark at night, we found ourselves running melted chocolate back and forth to the dining hall filling up fondue fountains. I didn't realize it was the start of an amazing, beautiful friendship.
The next year she ended up on the team with me as our publicity coordinator. It didn't take long to realize how smart and gifted this woman was. She graduated valedictorian of her high school (she doesn't like when I tell people that, but I like to brag on her), was an electrical engineer at the same company the Other Nut worked for (her husband also works there), and was now staying home to raise 2 super sweet, cute kids.
We ended up putting together another retreat, further strengthing our friendship.
As time went by, she always amazed me as I kept discovering new gifts and talents this girl had. I finally figured out there wasn't anything she couldn't do.
That May, we found ourselves just crazy enough to volunteer to take over as Women's ministry co-leaders for our church. Of course, this just continued to solidify our bond as we are together so often.
I love how God's timing is perfect. He knew I would need her soon after our friendship had grown so deep. She was the first one I called when I found out about the Other Nut. She helped pick me up off the ground when I couldn't stand on my own. It was a hard summer, because I needed time to grieve and process things, but I also had 3 kids to care for. We spent many a days at Chick-fil-A together crying while the kids ate and played. She helped me through the darkest days, allowing me to grieve, allowing me to be mad, allowing me to just be me. And then when she knew I was ready to hear something, she would speak truth into my life, words of wisdom and encouragement, always directing me back to God. She wasn't going to let me give up.
One thing after another hit during a short period of time. We both felt like we had huge targets on our backs. Things were happening that almost seemed like a joke. Her kids kept getting sick every month. I had a huge wart on my finger that was so painful it took 2 times freezing the sucker, plus an injection of a diluted chemo drug to get ride of it-the doctor said he had never seen such a huge wart before. She got a horrible case of herpies in her mouth from stabbing her gum with a tortilla chip. I mean how often does that happen?! One doctor told me I had pinworms. Now, let me just say I don't think that he was correct in his diagnosis, because I didn't have any of the symptoms, but it was worth the laugh. I took the medicine anyways, because with everything else going on, I figured "why not?" I had to have a breast biopsy, and she had to wait for more results from her own abnormal lab results. Then I found out I had lyme disease, got horrible panic attacks, was diagnosed with Panic Disorder, and found out I have borderline mitral valve prolaspe. Let's just say, we spent many appointments together at the doctor. OK-well, she spent a lot of time with me. I'm more of a chicken so I always take her with me.
And our friendship only grew stronger. During my time with horrible panic attacks, I wouldn't sleep for days. I was so terrified of dying in my sleep so some days she would come over just to watch me sleep. She would tell me that it was going to be OK, that she would watch me very closely and if anything looked abnormal, she would wake me up. Then she would type up verses for me to carry with me. A simple act that was so important to me.
When I started becoming afraid to leave my house for fear of germs or panic attacks, she would come and get me. She wasn't going to let it beat me. She was going to fight for me if it killed her.
And in the middle of all this, we were always able to laugh at times. This girl is funny! She'll just bust out with something that makes me laugh so hard, I almost pee my pants.
During hurricane Ike, her and her family lived with us for 2 weeks. They didn't have A/C, and we did. I have to say that was so stinking fun. The husbands would get up and go to work together, the kids would play, and we would lie in bed giggling like little girls. The girl is funny when she wakes up in the morning.
One of the greatest things about her though, is that she loves God and desires to be obedient to Him. You can see it her life everyday. In the midst of her helping me and loving me, she always knew that it was God that was using her to speak into my life. She always made sure to turn me back to God-and she still does. She is very wise.
One of her deepest desires in life is to bring anyone that she comes into contact with just a little bit closer to God. And I can say that she has done that with me.
I hope you can see what a wonderful person she is. She's pretty special.
So, happy birthday my friend. I love you! You're my BFF. You are stuck with me for life. Besides, now we have matching necklaces that prove it.  :)

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