Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Poem

I just got back from being out of town. I left on my birthday so the kids waited to give me my presents when I got back. I got a wonderful candle that smells just perfect, a great drawing  and note from my son, a paper with coupons to redeem like "no laundry" or "no cooking", and a poem that brought instant sweet tears to my eyes. As I read it, I just cried and cried-it was so touching. My oldest daughter wrote it by modifying a poem the Other Nut wrote for me a while back (one day soon maybe I will share it). We didn't know it was her favorite poem or that she had modified it to be from her to me. It is something I will treasure forever. Please know that in sharing it, I am not trying to pat myself on the back-many days I don't live up to this poem (I'm so thankful for grace). I share it because I am a mom that is so proud of her children. My oldest daughter enjoys writing, and I thought I would share with you her love of it. I share it simply because it means a lot to me. So I hope you enjoy.

There is a mother I know
So awesome to behold
Wonderful arms, great for hugging
A beautiful heart, great for loving
This mother I know

I've yelled at her, hit her, made her sad
I've shattered her strength, I felt so bad
Hugging and forgiveness, I wanted to cry
This mother I know

What's her name, this mother I know
Wife of my daddy, daughter of Ninnie
Just the greatest mother I know
This mother I know

Hugger, kisser, my greatest love
Faithful even after the very end
Loving, kind, great to hug
This mother I know

I'll kiss, love you, may you see
This love I hold inside of me
I'm a sinner; sadly it's true
But filled with love for dad, God and you
This mother I know

May you and me, hug and kiss
Through our lives, oh I don't want to miss
We'll grow together, though not the same age
But that won't stop the love from me to you

Love, Peanut


Christy said...

What a precious child!

"Ima" said...

Thanks Christy! She is pretty special-even on the days she makes me batty:)

Cheryl said...

Wow. Big fat sloppy tears. That was beautiful. She is one amazing daughter and niece! :)

"Ima" said...

Cheryl-Oh my gosh. I cried so hard and fast I think I scared my poor daughter at first.

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