Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WFMW-Thank You Duggars!

I have probably only watched The Duggar Family show on TLC maybe twice-we don't have TV so the only time I have even had a chance to see it is when we have gone to a hotel. And since we have 3 kids, that doesn't happen very often. All that to say, I haven't really seen their show. However, I do have a friend that does watch it, and she told me to look at their website. She wanted me to see their list of Duggar House Guidelines. I looked at them,  printed them out, and proceeded to tape them onto our wall in the dining room. I looked at them occasionally, but for some reason it didn't stick-until just recently.

Something that I have struggled with is patience and feeling like I have talk loud (that's a nice way of saying "raise my voice") to get my children to listen. I sometimes feel that when there is an argument between my kids or with us, or something that needs correcting, I have to immediately tell them what they are doing wrong and tell them what to do right. This doesn't exactly create an atmosphere of patience, and this is something that God really has been working on in me. I do really desire to model patience and kindness to my children. I do desire for them to see the picture of a Godly women when they look at me and interact with me. And I so desire for them to learn, grow in character, and be able to reflect on their actions, emotions, and behavior. So enter, once again, the Duggar House Guidelines.

The other day, 2 of kids got into an argument and instead of raising my voice and pointing out everything they were doing wrong in their argument, I simply pointed them to the guidelines. I asked each of them to read through them and tell me which ones they felt they were violating-and they weren't allowed to say what they thought the other had done. I wanted them to reflect on their own actions and behaviors.

And oh my goodness-it worked! They took the time to read them and tell me what they felt they had done wrong in the situation. I didn't even have to raise my voice once. We discussed it, and they apologized to one another. Wow!

I am sure there will still be some days that I am not so patient and raise my voice. I am sure there will be times that they fight over having to read the guidelines. But for right now-I'm enjoying the results and will keep it up. Anything to help me learn patience and a gentle voice and spirit.

They are currently just taped to the wall in my dining room. I eventually will put them in nice frames as they will be a permanent fixture on my wall now.

So, it works for me Wednesdays. Thanks Duggar family!


Tammy Tutu said...

I am going to that site right now! I need help in this area as well. I feel like I am always "raising my voice" as well and I really don't like how it makes me feel or the kids...assuming that they aren't immune from it by now.

Tammy Tutu said...

Printed and will be framed and hanging on the wall before the jellybeans get home from school! Woohoo! Thank you Duggars and IMA!

"Ima" said...

Tammy-hopefully I will be framing mine soon as well. Isn't this a great start? We'll have to keep each other posted about how it's working :) Also, would you like to find a time again to get the girls together? Talk with you soon.

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