Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What's For Dinner?

Well, around this house, it's pretty much the same stuff. I don't get my thrills out of cooking so I try to do the easiest meals possible. And I surely don't like trying a lot of new things. But as I mentioned in this post, I kind of have to feed my 3 kids and husband which unfortunately means I have to cook. I cook a lot of "chicken in the crock pot" meals and thankfully my kids love this. The only thing bad about the whole crock pot thing is that often times I find myself slapping myself in the head around 3:00 when I remember I forgot to actually put the meal into the crock pot. If you asked the Other Nut how many times this has happened, he would just laugh and say something like, "too many to count." Hence the reason for the following recipe.

 "I forgot to put the chicken in the crock pot" Recipe

Any kind of fresh veggies that you like-here in the Nut house, we use onions, bell peppers, squash, zucchini, poblano pepper, and garlic.
Meat-sometimes we use chicken sausage (links) or breakfast sausage. We haven't yet tried shredded or cubed chicken.
Pure maple syrup
Tangy Italian dressing-any brand

I don't have a certain amount I use. I just use whatever I have in my refrigerator and hope it feeds my family-my kids are really good eaters. There really is no method to my madness when it comes to cooking. Just to give you an idea, last night I cut up 1 onion, 1 green bell pepper, 1 red bell pepper, 1 really large squash, and 1 really large zucchini. I used 1 pound of breakfast sausage and 1 cup of rice-there was nothing left. Nada!

After I cut up all the vegetables I'm using, I saute them in sunflower oil. At the same time in another skillet, I brown whatever meat I'm using-either the breakfast sausage or chicken link sausage. Then I walk off, get busy doing something and cook everything too long.

After everything is either too mushy or burnt, I remember I have to cook the rice which I almost always overflow onto the stove. If anyone knows how to cook rice without it overflowing, please tell me how.

If I'm using breakfast sausage, when everything is finished cooking, I dump it all together into my giant skillet and serve it up. Because of the great taste of breakfast sausage, I don't use the Italian dressing/maple syrup mixture.

If I'm using chicken link sausage (is that even what you call it?), I put the sausage in with the veggies, mix together equal amounts of the Italian dressing and maple syrup, and pour it into the veggie/sausage mixture. I let it simmer for a while. I have no idea how long, because I get distracted again. Then I dump in the cooked rice and mix together. You, of course, don't have to use the Italian dressing/maple syrup mixture here either.

My kids absolutely love this meal-and my oldest doesn't even like veggies. Cooked this way though, she eats them. Unless I make a lot, there is nothing left for leftovers.

Because I have such great photography skills (insert sarcasm), I took a picture for you.

If you try it, I hope you enjoy it. I can't promise it's gourmet, but I can promise it will get your family fed.


Christy said...

Thank you for this...sounds just like dinner prep at my house. However, I'm always short at least one ingredient.

"Ima" said...

Christy-let me know if you try it out. If I'm short on something, I just go with it anyways. Like I said, there is no method to my madness. Ha!

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