Saturday, April 2, 2011

Why I Love Chick-Fil-A

I love Chick-fil-A, especially the 2 I have by my house. My best friend and I call it our "office", because we are always there working on women's ministry stuff. Tim Hawkins even wrote a song about Chick-fil-A that is so funny and true. But why do I love Chick-fil-A so much? Well, I am so glad you asked.

1. Because they play Christian music.

I like this, because often times I am studying for my Bible study. I don't study well in total silence-I need background noise so it is nice having that type of music in the background.

2. The 2 by my house have the best customer service I have ever received.

Seriously. It is like going to a 5 star hotel. I have never been greeted so warm and friendly before I started going there. They fill up my drink about 4 times (or maybe more), take my tray, and always ask if I need something-AND THEY DON'T EXPECT A TIP.

3. They have Diet Coke and not Pepsi.

If a restaurant sells pepsi only, their ratings go way down in my book. I don't even want to eat there anymore. Sorry to all you Pepsi lovers out there.

4. They let me stay there all day and drink all of their Diet Coke.

And they never ask me to pay for my 3-4 refills. Or 10, but who's counting?

5. Waffle fries.

They require no further explanation.

6. Everything else on their menu is really yummy too.

I don't think I can get sick of their food. Just like Tim Hawkins sings, "I could eat there 7 times a day."

7. It is a great place to go on a date with the Other Nut.

This is really my favorite place to go when we go on a date. Great food, great price, great atmosphere (it's not too loud or too quiet), I don't feel like I have to be really proper, I can wear my jeans, T-shirt, and flip flops, and we get better, friendlier service than the other restaurants we have been to.

8. Waffle fries and Diet Coke.

I know I already said those, but they deserve to be mentioned again.

9. There isn't a tip jar at the counter asking for tips. (refer to #2 as well).

This kind of bugs me. Maybe it is just my own silly problem, but when you are doing your job that you were hired to do, I don't think I should tip you for that. Now, that doesn't go for waiters or waitresses, because tips are part of their income-I don't believe they get paid even minimum wage per hour, because their tips are added to that. They are hired with that understanding, and we in America are aware of that. But, when you are paid at least minimum wage per hour, because tips are not supposed to be part of your income-please don't ask me to tip you for doing your job. When I was a secretary, I didn't put a tip jar on my desk asking for tips for doing my job that I was hired to do.

If I am wrong about this, please feel free to let me know. Maybe they don't get paid minimum wage either, I don't know.

10. The 2 by my house support missions.

They have supported Living Water which is based here. Some of their employees even went on a mission trip with them. I love that their main goal isn't just to sell food-it's to be a light for Jesus in their community and the world. They have the statement displayed for all to see.  

11. They are closed on Sundays.

I like this-until I have a craving for their food, get excited about going and then realize it's Sunday. Then not so much. Kidding! I do like that they are closed on Sundays. This way, families can be together, and no one has to miss church.

OK so I do have 1 beef with them-get it? beef? Never mind.
But, here is my 1 thing.  PLEASE, OH PLEASE, GET WI-FI! (I don't know if that is how you write it). If someone is reading this that has any pull at Chick-fil-A, please tell them to offer this. It would help my studying tremendously.

Do you like Chick-fil-A? Why or why not?

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