Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Blogger Mishap

So, this is basically a quick explanation. Apparently when blogger went crazy last week, I lost some comments. I am just now getting around to catching up on things and some of the comments, I can't respond too. I have them on my email, but can't reply-so that is a longer than needed explanation to say, if you left a comment that I haven't been able to respond too, that is why. Thank you for your sweet comments-I find them encouraging to read (well, except that negative one I received one time. That wasn't so encouraging, but I figured it was like a right of passage when you join the blog world) Anyways, thanks for reading.


Gabe said...

Dont ya hate not having those comments handy? It could have been so much worse, we could have lost everything!

Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself!

"Ima" said...

Yes, I do, but you are right-it could have been so much worse. And thanks for stopping by here as well. I have really enjoyed your blog-you write beautifully. There is one quote from your recent post that I am going to put on my blog, but will most definitely give you credit for of course. Looking for forward to more posts.

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