Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's A Hard Knock Life

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 Go ahead. Call the authorities, because it's a hard knock life here at the Nutcase house. Don't believe me? Just take a look.

I told you so. Can you believe it? Kids-doing chores. Scrubbing the floor-and on a Saturday at that. Here's how it went down. I'm making it easy for you when you call in the "you shouldn't make kids do that type of work-that's child labor" people.

The Other Nut woke up at 1:00 AM Saturday morning with food poisoning (or at least I hope that's what it was, or I'm not looking forward to the next 2 days). Anyways, needless to say, we didn't get much sleep, or at least not very sound sleep. When morning rolled around, I didn't exactly spring out of bed and get going for the day. I kind of just rolled over, mumbled something about "yes, you can watch a video and make pancakes" and then went back to sleep. I love that my oldest can cook. When I finally did get out of bed, I still didn't spring. My springer was sprung.

After pretty much doing nothing, I decided to try to be productive-that is what adults are supposed to do right? So I warned the kids that their wonderful, lazy Saturday morning, or afternoon by this time, was soon coming to an end. It would soon be chore time. And they all responded with a "yes ma'am".  Aren't they such angels?

That is until the time actually came. They did something that they should know doesn't fly too well here in the Nutcase house-they whined! For real? After 4 hours straight of watching videos, you're going to whine about 1 1/2 hours of chores?

"Well, actually yes, we are, because 4 hours straight of videos makes us lazy and believe that things are rights, not privileges."

"Well, now you just got yourself some extra work, because the game room floor is really dirty."

And now, I'm scratching my head, wondering why I didn't think of this earlier. I mean, it really was a win/win situation all around if you think about it. Our game room is the room they use the most. They are in there most of the day. They even used to roller skate in there. Plus, with 3 dogs, the floors take a beating. So, I filled up a bucket with some vinegar and water, gave them sponges, and told them to "get to work and don't stop until you can see your face in the floor." Just kidding! I didn't say that.

They ended up actually enjoying it, learned a little bit more about cleaning, stopped whining, and I got a clean floor without having to clean it. Me thinks me will do this again-even when they aren't whining. A little floor scrubbing is good for them.

Now, we can all go around today with "It's A Hard Knock Life For Us" in our head. Man, I love Annie. It's one of my favorite musicals.


Anna said...

I'm marveling not at the chores, but at the size of that game room! Awesome room!

"Ima" said...

Thanks Anna. That is one of the main things that made us like the house. We imagined great days in that room-and we were right. The kids love it. And when I clean, I just throw their toys in there and consider it done-because they have to clean it:)

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