Thursday, May 5, 2011

Simple Pleasure Interrupted-or Not

So says the washing machine to the woman trying to enjoy her simple pleasure day of her pink hydrangea and attempt to do nothing but wash one load of laundry. . .

"Ha, Ha! Do you hear the running water splashing all over your floor in your laundry room while you stare out the open kitchen window listening to the birds?"

The woman runs to look and sure enough-water is running out the back of the hose, down the wall, and all over floor. She hears the washing machine laugh again. . .

"Ha! Now you have a washing machine half full of water and completely full of wet clothes! And you didn't want to have to do much today did you?"

The snickers from the machine grow louder.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I do hear and see the water splashing everywhere. And yes, now I have a lot of wet clothes that are sitting in a possibly broken machine. And no, I didn't want to have to do much today. But! But, little ol' washing machine, you will not ruin my day. I will choose instead to tell you thank you."

"Thank you!" yells the washing machine. "I didn't want a 'thank you'. I wanted to ruin your day!"

"Oh, but you won't. I will thank you for providing the water for me to clean the really nasty floor I have discovered that you have been hiding behind you for so long. I will thank you for providing one more funny story that I can tuck back into my memory. And I will thank you for providing just another opportunity for me to work on my character, patience, and perseverence. Besides, I have a really pretty pink hydrangea that God made just for me to look at today."

"And so Mr. Washing Machine! You can just stop your laughing and hope that we don't have to throw you away. And now if you will excuse me, I need to also go clean up the cat throw up that is unfortunately tinged with blood that my cat just left me as a gift."

Ah! The simple pleasures. Sometimes it's just in how we look at things. I think I might take one last look at my hydrangea before I start the clean up and a possible trip to the vet.

Project Simple Pleasures2


Dayle said...

Perspective is everything, huh?

"Ima" said...

Yes it often is. That is why I love your Simple Pleasures link up-because I know every Thursday, I will be reminded to slow down and have a different perspective. So thanks for hosting Simple Pleasures.

Trish @ Lily-Rose Cottage said...

It's all in a day's work !
I remember my washing machine doing the same thing years ago.
Very frustrating..but it did mean the laundry got a good clean out!
Love the way you handled it lol!

"Ima" said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I definitely didn't have that on my plan for the day. I was finally able to get that load finished without it doing it again. We'll see tomorrow. But hey, at least the back will get cleaned really well. I still have some areas to get too-is sure does get dirty back there quickly. Yuck!

Debbie said...

Perspective is a great pleasure giver, isn't it? And trouble makers, whether animate or inanimate, can not endure to be mocked.

Great one!

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