Thursday, May 5, 2011


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Change is hard. It isn't something that I particularly like, although I know it must happen. Actually, it happens everyday-we just don't always notice it. But when we do, it's hard.

It's funny, because I know change has to happen; for without it we would stay stale, never moving, never living, never growing to become more like Him. If we never embrace change, we miss out on experiencing what God may have for us around the bend in our life's road.

And yet I find myself, in some ways, resisting it, pushing against it. What if I don't find what I desire, what I think God has for me around that bend? What if? And if not, when I look back, will everything I had be gone? No turning back now. The road of life is a one way street. So I must keep going, never quite knowing what's around the bend. I know what I want, what I desire, what I think God has called me to. But again, there it is-the what if?

There is a stripping process that happens with change, when we let go of something that we have known, something that has become so familiar to us, things that we love. But we let go, because we think God wants us to.

But this stripping process-it hurts, it's scary. I'm left feeling naked, exposed, somewhat unsure. I want to reach for something to cover me, something familiar; and yet, I hold back with all my might, knowing that I have to let go and embrace change.

But I feel it, the nakedness of winter, the trees stripped bare for all to see their branches, some broken and going in all different directions. Do I look like that? Is my brokenness somehow exposed in this stripping process for all the world to see?

If it is, shouldn't that be OK? Aren't we all, at times, stripped down to our nakedness, our brokenness exposed as we navigate change.

But even the trees are eventually covered again, with new growth covering their nakedness. And it is the most beautiful sight to behold. One day, there is nothing and the next, you see it-tiny little buds appearing, stretching, reaching for the sun. And then one day, we forget that they even stood naked before us.  

And so in my nakedness, I tip toe closer to the bend of life's road. Slowly I walk towards it, not sure what I will find. Slowly I walk towards it, clinging to the Savior that walks ahead, and the promise that He knows. He knows.

Looking down, I see it. Tiny little buds appearing on me, slowly covering me. Stretching, reaching for the Son. And one day, I will find myself, once again, fully covered on my life's road, looking ahead to the next bend.


Lisa Maria said...

Tami, this is so beautiful and inspiring! I know all bout those 'naked' moments. Pruning process I call it.. and its so painful, but if He doesn't strip us we don't see what's truly important and we cling to all the 'fluff' as I like to call it... the unnecessary that becomes baggage we have to carry and there's no room for what He wants to do or give.

Have a blessed weekend and Mother's Day!

Love & Blessings

"Ima" said...

Thanks Lisa. So true, so true. Thanks for journeying with me. I'll update soon with another post on part of my next journey:)

Lynda said...

This post is so inspiring to me. Thank you for linking up at Women of Noble Character. Your words touched a chord in me that maybe God is trying to strip away some old in me to make room for new growth. I look forward to reading more about your journey, and welcome to Women of Noble Character.

"Ima" said...

Thank you Lynda for your sweet comments. One of the reasons why I write is to hopefully inspire other women. Thank you for hosting Women of Noble Character. I will be linking up more in the future.

The Hoskisons said...

Thanks for the encouragement - so nice to "meet" you!

Christy said...

What a beautiful post my friend.

"Ima" said...

Thanks Christy-I wrote this after I got home from the last meeting. I cried all the way home.

And Holly-it is nice to "meet" you too. Thanks for the encouragement from your end as well. Looking forward to "meeting" your little baby too:)

Jen said...

Oh gosh. That thought of being naked and stripped bare. It is so frightening to me -- literally, it makes my stomach hurt. To reveal those weaknesses. It is hard. Thank you for being vulnerable.

stephanie said...

I got stripped another layer today as I swallowed a big gulp size pride bubble, LOL! Well, one more layer gone though! Nice to meet you! And I LOVE YOUR BLOG HEADER!!!

I Live in an Antbed said...

And the Gardener simply says, "Trust Me. I will make you more fruitful than you can possibly imagine." What a lovely testimony to His gentle touch in your life.

Pamela said...

I dislike change of any kind. But I have found that when God pulls me into a new place good things happen. And usually that new place doesn't accept baggage.

May you day be filled with sunshine and blessed with Sonshine.

"Ima" said...

I live in an antbed-thank you for your sweet comment. I love that quote- "Trust Me. I will make you more fruitful than you can possibly imagine." That is really beautiful.

I wanted to ask the story behind your blog title-I live in an antbed. It intrigues me.

Pamela-how true that new places don't accept baggage. God wants us to leave it behind as He brings us into new places He has for us. So true, but sometimes so hard. Thank you for encouraging me and reminding me of this. And I love the day "blessed with Sonshine." :)

emily wierenga said...

i find change hard too. thank you, for helping to make it easier, friend... you have such a way with words.

Joybird said...

these words really touch my heart...these last few months have felt like this stripping, change coming but unknown and scary and yet He is good, always so good and seasons will change.

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