Friday, June 24, 2011

Five Minute Friday

So, the Gypsy Mama has this link-up on Fridays called Five-Minute Friday. I was reminded of it today when I was reading some blogs. This is how she describes it on her blog:

Want to take five minutes with me and see which ones bubble to the surface?
Let’s just write and not worry if it’s just right or not. Here’s how we do it.
1. Write for 5 minutes flat with no editing or tweaking.

I have always wanted to try it, because I enjoy reading what people write from their train of thought without worrying about editing and such; but, I haven't tried it, because of fear. But then today I'm feeling brave, or maybe just stupid, so I thought I would try it.

My thoughts on "wonder":


I saw the link-up today, and I thought about trying it.
I even saw the topic-"wonder", and the funny was is that I began to, well, wonder.
I wondered why I had never tried it before, but I instantly knew the answer-fear.
Fear of failure, fear of sounding silly or stupid, fear of being laughed at in the blog world.
But then I realized that this fear wasn't real. It wasn't something that I should give in to. Because really, what if I failed? What if I sounded silly or stupid? What if someone laughed?
Would that really be that bad? Would that define me as a person? Wouldn't not trying be worse than trying at all?
And what if it wasn't so bad after all? If I never tried, I would never know.
And so I wondered about trying. I wondered so much I found myself sitting down to write.
And I realized that it was so much like life. Afraid to try new things; for the fear of failure, of looking silly or being laughed at is a very real feeling.


Well, there are my random thoughts on "wonder". I didn't really quite finish what was in my head; the timer beeped sooner than I thought. I thought about not posting it, but then I decided that I didn't want to give into the fear of failure-so post it I shall-even though I want to hit delete or secretly edit it to pieces.

P.S. OK so this whole not editing thing is really hard, because I just now realized that I completely left out a word. So, I thought I would make a game out of it-can you guess which word I left out of my 5 minute Friday? 


signingcharity said...

I always want to edit mine too, but do my best to leave it as is...

You did a fine job. I thought this was a hard topic. You had some good truths in your post.

Azuma-chan said...

WOW! You wrote what was on my mind. I too when first saw this topic on her blog I thought of the same thing. Not to mention how slow I am in typing and I was so sure of the mistakes I was going to do.

Although that all I wrote the post not caring if it's right or not. Cause I believe the best way to get rid of the fear it to try out what you fear itself. And it works.

Love you post and voted for you.

Sarah said...

good's so neat to visit everyone and see the differences and creativity in awesome that God created us all uniquely and individual and gave us giftings that fit us perfectly to use for his glory!

"Ima" said...

Thanks signingcharity! I think I might try this again. Hoping I'm feeling brave again next Friday :)

Azuma-chan-thanks again for visiting and the vote.

Sarah-thanks! Yes, it is wonderful how He made us so different. Being all the same would be so boring and so little would get accomplished for God. There is a beauty in our differences. Thanks for stopping by.

Lisa Maria said...

I saw this a couple of weeks ago and actually started to type, then I chickened out ;-)

You're braver than I am.. maybe this week I'll find some courage and join you.

other nut said...

:) your missing word is "not" love, me

"Ima" said...

Lisa Maria-OK so tomorrow is Friday. Maybe we can try together? I will if you will :) It is vulnerable I tell you. I went back and realized that I left out a word and who knows what else, but oh well. Let's look at it this way-if someone doesn't like us, because we can't do 5 minute Friday very well then we shouldn't leave sleep over it right? Of course, I still worry that I will totally bomb! So you wanna link up tomorrow?

Lisa Maria said...

I only just saw that you had invited me to link up with you.. so rude of me not to have seen it before! Glad I went with it even though I didn't see it. Thanks for the invitation.. I'll try not to mess up on the topic next time!

Hope you enjoy your dinner out.

Love & Hugs!

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