Monday, June 6, 2011


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He was working so hard on it. The cutting and the shaping. Thankfully, he was outside; for the mess it made was quite large. To be honest, I had no idea what he was attempting to make. I was just glad he was being creative and using his imagination. And finally, his masterpiece was complete. He held it up, proudly showing me his piece of art on which he worked so hard. And then he said it, something quite profound that made me think:

"My art teacher says to 'turn your hiccups into a work of art'."

He held up his giraffe, now with the "hiccup" ever before my eyes; one of it's legs was noticeably shorter.

"I accidentally made one leg too short so I just decided to pretend that it was walking."

And now, before my eyes, no longer did a flawed, broken giraffe stand. Instead, I saw it exactly as he had described it-it was simply walking. I could no longer see anything else, but a walking giraffe.

Turn your hiccups into a work of art.

A marriage damaged and broken by pornography, restored and renewed; for He makes all things new.

Panic attacks gripping my soul, followed by anti-anxiety/anti-depression medicine and then a story told, a heart stirred, a secret revealed, and help received; for a lady realized that she wasn't alone.

Anorexia grabbing hold, destroying body and mind, carrying the pain and voices around for many years. But even in the destruction, it didn't win; for a calling was realized-"yes Lord, I will tell of Your story, how You saved me from the pit."

Voices raised. Words cut deep. I can see it in their eyes. "When will I get it right? Will I ever learn?" This particular flaw stares me in the face, but slowly the reflection begins to change; for forgiveness, given and received, is experienced and grace becomes more deeply understood.

So often my hiccups are so apparent. They are held up for all to see, but Jesus does what only He can do; for He truly is the Artist. He takes the hiccups of my life, and He turns them into a work of art that reveal His glory.

So thankful for Jesus who turns the hiccups of my life into a work of art like only He can.

So what about you? What hiccups has Jesus turned into a work of art? 


My daily walk in His grace! said...

Hi Tami. this is an excellent post. So practically put. My life is also full of hiccups but sometimes hearing someone put it in perspective like this makes one view them differently. Thank you.
God bless

Janene Dubbeld said...

It's truly amazing what our Master
Artist can do isn't it?
Thanks for sharing!

Jen said...

This is a raw beauty here.

Oh, hiccups! So, so many that have to do with competitiveness, control, withholding of love. Too many to count!

Anonymous said...

This was a very profound post. The hiccups in my life? After a picture perfect, Little House on the Prairie upbringing, finding myself in an abusive marriage. then divorced, a single-mom. then poor. then married to a wonderful man, but tempted to be suspicious and fearful of him and others...etc. etc. etc.

He does turn our mourning into dancing! He delivers.

Debbie said...

This one left tears in my eyes. They were good tears. My life is so full of hiccups that I would need a full blog just devoted to it.

My favorite part is the way his hiccup turned into a giraffe walking, moving forward. That's just the kind of thing that can only come from the Holy Spirit.

Amy Sullivan said...

Hiccups in my life?

Trying to control everything that doesn't need controling, and thinking that perfection is what He wants.

Kendal said...

i love this giraffe walking! one of my hiccups is the same as on eof yours - anorexia. the work of art? a stronger woman than i ever would have been had i not come through the "hiccup." i just reread your whole story - inspirational.


So grateful that God sees me through the eyes of an artist.(and a very creative one at that)


Pamela said...

What lessons our children teach us! This is a masterpiece of a lesson -- one I want to remember!


"Ima" said...

Tracy-thank you. Glad you liked it. I am so glad my son's art teacher taught him that. What a great picture of Jesus!

Janene-thanks for stopping by. Yes, He is the Master Artist.

Jen-thanks for sharing some of your hiccups. I could add those 3 to my list as well. And I too have too many to count!

lori said...

Oh, I do love this. I used to feel like that little clay pot asking why He made me this way (some days I still ask). Thankful there is always room for growth, and I'm still growing, too. I hope to never stop. And, that giraffe story is the best. It will definitely stick with me. Really sweet :)

happygirl said...

This made me gasp and smile. Thank you for this wonderful lesson. My hiccups. I can't tell you how difficult this is for my personality type. I always want to throw my mistakes away. Even the mistakes that are in people. I'm going to look for giraffes walking.

emily wierenga said...

this touched me so, so deep, ima... what an incredible art teacher. praise the one who turns our life's hiccups into his masterpiece... thank you friend.

Anna said...

Hiccups... there are many, and it's a story still being written. Thank you for this visual, the "giraffe walking". A wise art teacher.

no spring chicken said...

Beautiful truth. I'll always think of a walking giraffe and a God who is faithful when I hiccup!

Blessings, Debbie

"Ima" said...

Thank you to everyone for your sweet encouraging comments. I apologize for not responding sooner-I have been so busy lately and haven't had any time to keep up my blog very well. Please know that I enjoy reading your comments and will still be making it to your blogs to spend some time there. Oh the busy days of summer!

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