Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Is Definitely Here!

It is way too late, and I should be sleeping; but, instead, I'm blogging. I am quite hormonal right now, as in I have to get up a couple of times in the middle of the night and literally dry myself off, my sheets are all wet kind of hormonal-so sleep isn't always that fun lately.  And messed up hormones make for an impatient, moody woman. So, while I reflect on my moodiness with a pounding hormonal headache, I thought I would blog about how summer has definitely arrived at the Nutcase house.

A while back, my best friend came over with her 2 kids. This is nice for numerous reasons, one being that all 5 kids play really well together and entertain one another. This of course, allows Beth and I to talk and work on women's ministry which is what we did on this particular day. The kids have so much fun playing and using their imagination, I don't always notice the "fun" that is being created around the house; not that I would make them stop even if I did. I figure this is partly what summer is about-me at home trying to keep up with the housework while 3 kids follow behind me and mess it back up.

After they left, instead of actually cleaning it up, I decided to take pictures. Besides, I wasn't about to clean up the mess for them. I had enough of my own to clean up. So, in case you are feeling a little overwhelmed with housework, I thought I would share my mess of a house with you to hopefully make you feel better.

So I'm a little behind on the dishes yes? Where am I even going to cook dinner. Good thing I don't like cooking. I think this ended up being a "let's go out to eat" night. Pitiful I know.

Not sure where we will eat dinner, but I have plenty of books on here. Not that it matters, because my kitchen is so messy, I can't even make dinner.  And do you notice the basket of clothes in the background, and the duck tape on the floor? Not sure why that is there.

OK so this room doesn't look much different since this is the playroom. If this is the only room dirty, I consider my house clean. Sometimes, it looks really clean; but only sometimes. Notice the totally lopsided pictures on the wall.

Well, this is the Walnut's and Hazelnut's room. It looks like the toys threw up everywhere. I just shut the door and tried to think happy thoughts.

This is another view of their room.  Again, happy thoughts.

Now, on first glance, this might not look so bad; however, the truth is this stuff had been here for a couple of days.

The kids and I got it cleaned up since these pictures were taken, but we promptly turned around and messed it up again.

Summer is definitely here in the Nutcase house!

If you care to see what the house looks like about once a year, click here and here.


Lisa Maria said...

Its nice to know I'm not alone in my messy house! You really made me smile today.. thanks for the advice..just shut the door and think happy thoughts ;-)

As for being hormonal..I'm right there with you, every now and then I wake up with night sweats myself.. not sure if I'm beginning change of life (isn't 43 a little young???) or if its something else.

Ah well, that's where I use that principle of yours.. I shut my mind's door on that and focus my thoughts elsewhere.

The fun is about to begin for us.. schools close next week.. meanwhile its hectic as the Mad Hatter's tea party at my house.. I'll think of you and smile when I start to feel like pulling my hair out!

Hugs from over the seas

other nut said...

you know. its not really thaaaat bad. i mean, as long as i can make it to the essentials - bed, bathroom, pantry, fridge, door. :) seriously, you do a great job keeping up with all this. love, me.

Debbie said...

Well, frankly, I like it even in what you consider a messy state. Having had kids the age of yours, it's nothing that I haven't seen.

I especially love your kitchen! I am trying to get the courage to do something really creative like that. Bet I never will and we'll have boring old oak forever.

Looks like a happy, nutty, home to me.

"Ima" said...

Oh Lisa Maria-you are not alone. Since these pictures, my house has gotten way worse. Just shut the door and think happy thoughts-I'm running out of doors though:)

and the hormones-they're the pits! and I'm 36. People keep saying "aren't you too young for that?" apparently my hormones haven't gotten that message.

Love the Mad Hatter picture. Definitely what I feel like over here-Mad Hatter tea party at the Nut house.

"Ima" said...

Thanks Other Nut-I love you-even if you did imply that the house doesn't look that bad in the pictures, and that it actually looks worse in person!:) I guess I need to take some close-ups. Now, if I could just capture the smell of this place and put it on the blog.

"Ima" said...

Debbie-I do think it is a happy, nutty home-even if I am hormonal and weepy right now. And right now, the house is a REALLY happy home, because it is even messier.

Glad you like my kitchen. We remodeled after we moved in-termites. But I will say-the painter was a bit concerned when I told him the colors I wanted. He ended up liking it though. It is definitely bright and cheery.

Lisa Maria said...

I like the colours of your kitchen too.. its actually a similar shade to the one I chose to repaint my own cupboards which have been white (supposed to be anyway lol) for the last 12 years. Hubby has been promising to buy it for the past month, but he's had a lot of other stuff on his mind. Picture yellow walls with green cupboards.. too much? I wanted a bright, cheery kitchen cause I spend a lot of time there.

"Ima" said...

I think it sounds beautiful. Funny thing-my walls are yellow! They are a really soft pale butter yellow. Yellow is my favorite color, and I personally love it with the green on my cabinets. I say go for it! I'll be emailing back soon-gotta run out to dinner with some friends.

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