Monday, June 20, 2011

Vacation-Day 1

Hotel Valencia (p.s. This isn't a picture I took. Mine aren't even close)
  Well, we enjoyed our time in San Antonio. I was completely lazy very relaxed during this vacation. And I would upload pictures, but I figured pictures of me sleeping until noon, playing cards, and eating would be really boring to see. Plus, every time we left our wonderful room to go eat on the River Walk, we forgot to take the camera. I did take pictures of the room that I might upload later if they turn out OK. I'm not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination, and I forgot to take the pictures BEFORE we put our stuff all over the place so I'm not sure how well they will turn out.

We both came back refreshed and ready to see the kids and animals. And I came back with some gained knowledge. Here are some things I learned or was reminded of while on day 1 of my vacation:

I love lazy vacations.
I slept until noon, didn't eat until around 2 p.m., laid around some more, watched the Food Network, played cards with the Other Nut, ate some more, and slept some more. Basically, kind of like a waste of flesh, and I loved every minute of it!

I love Hotel Valencia.
It is beautiful, quiet, clean, and has wonderful customer service-and all for a great price. And our room had it's own hallway so we felt like we were in an apartment. If you go there, ask for room 824-it's wonderful.

I'm getting older-not old, just older.
Because our timing was off due to above mentioned laziness, we ate dinner really late which put us walking on the River Walk late at night. I found myself wanting the quiet safety of my hotel room instead of the loud, half-naked party crowd that was around us. The few clubs that are on the River Walk are quite loud with their music.

I'm ready for Jesus to come back.
See reason under "I'm getting older".

I am so thankful that I can get my medicine so easily.
I forgot my synthroid back home, but a short walk to a pharmacy and one phone call later, I was walking out with my medicine.

I am completely addicted to Diet Coke.
Seriously. It's bad. If you checked my blood, you would probably find Diet Coke running through it. (I know-not good.) But it isn't just any Diet Coke-it's the fountain kind. The Other Nut says I'm a Diet Coke snob. We would walk to the local Walgreen's and get my fix. Oh sweet bliss!

I can't stand cooking, but I love watching other people cook on TV.
We don't have TV at home so I don't watch the Food Network, but I did this past weekend. It's great, but it makes me hungry. My favorite was Drive-ins, Diners, and Dives and Chopped. Well, now I'm hungry again just thinking about these shows. 

I love the Other Nut, and he is my best friend. 
I just love being with him. He is just great to talk to-and smooch! What else do I need? Well, other than Diet Coke and Jesus?

I am really competitive.
You might ask how I was reminded of this, being that I was a complete waste of flesh this past weekend. Well, because we played cards-Canasta to be exact. And I got smoked every time. I didn't like that. I quit.

My new flip flops hurt my feet.
I bought new flip flops and tried to stay cheap. They were $5, and my feet hurt the first night. The next morning, I walked out with a $3 pair of flip flops along with my medicine (and Diet Coke) from the local Walgreen's. I haven't given up on them just yet though. I'm trying to break them in if you can even break in flip flops. I feel like they deserve a chance. 

I told you I gained a great amount of knowledge while on vacation. Check back later to see what I learned on day 2 of my vacation. I'm a walking book of knowledge now.


Debbie said...

A walking book of knowledge are ya? Well, I'll be back when you share that copious wisdom with the rest of us.

It sounds just heavenly and restful. I have a stronghold that I feel I must "go and do" on vacation. It's so hard for me to just take it easy. I'm trying to learn, though. It's so valuable.

"Ima" said...

Oh Debbie, you will be amazed when I share my other bit of wisdom. It will blow you away:)

And yes, it was so restful. Funny, I have a hard time sitting down much at home, but get me on vacation, and I become a sloth.

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