Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vacation-Day 2

Well, I'm sure you are sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to hear what I learned on day 2 of my vacation, because I learned or was reminded of some really great things while in San Antonio. Debbie, this is for you. And if anyone is reading this, but has not been to Debbie's blog, you really need to stop by and read it. She will make you smile, think, and laugh out loud. If you are having a down day, just read one of her posts (it doesn't matter which one-just pick any of them), and you will be smiling at the end.

So now, what you all have been waiting for:

What I learned or remembered on day 2 of my vacation!

That I am a total creature of habit.
I wanted to eat lunch at Chili's just because that's what I always do when I go to San Antonio. Plus, they have really great chocolate shakes. Well, when we got there, it stunk really bad. The Other Nut could even smell it so I knew it was bad. I have a really sensitive nose so once I smell a bad smell, it takes a while to leave my nose. It sets up shop in there.

So off we went to find another place to eat. I, being the creature of habit I am, wanted to go back to another old faithful. But, no! The Other Nut made me branch out and try this little deli on the corner next to our hotel. And let me tell you-it was a bad idea all around. They didn't even serve fountain drink Diet Coke which immediately made them drop another notch in my book. We won't be going back next time. I'm sticking with the old faithfuls.

I am addicted to Diet Coke.
I know I mentioned this in day 1, but it is worth mentioning again considering the Walgreen's was closed so we walked another block just to find another store that was open that served fountain drinks. I might need to attend Diet Coke's Anonymous.

I really need to get my thyroid levels checked again.
Right now, my hair is falling out maybe faster than it is growing in. I'm surprised I'm not looking a bit thin on top. The bathroom and bedding at the hotel was all white. It is beautiful, but not if you are a dark brunette with long hair that is falling out at a rapid pace. Dark brunette hair against a backdrop of white shows up quite easy. Everywhere I looked there was my hair. I could have swept it up and made a wig out of it.

It is really hot and dry in Texas right now.
Saturday got up to 106 degrees, and I was sweatin' with the oldies. I could feel the sweat dripping down my back at all times. When we would get back to the room, I would peel most of my clothes off and lie down just to dry off. Maybe that was too much TMI, but it is just the truth. It was hot!

Long, flowy skirts are my new best friend.
I bought and wore one on Saturday, and I loved it! They are actually pretty cool which was a plus considering it felt like we were in a desert. They kind of create this draft so you feel like you are wearing your own little air conditioner. Not to mention that they elongate my short legs, cover up my varicose veins, hide my not so toned, white legs, and I didn't have to shave. What's not to love? I think I will be buying some more. The only thing I'm bummed about is I wish I would have bought one earlier. 

In some ways, we really aren't all that different.
The Other Nut and I met 2 homeless men Saturday night-Johnny and Edward. I realized as we were talking to them that in some ways our lives are so different; and yet, in some ways, our lives are alike. They were hungry without a place to lay their head, they hadn't seen their families in a while, and their struggles were harder than mine to work through everyday just to survive.  But we all have a story to tell, we all are just trying to find our way in this world as we deal with hurts and disappointments, we all want to be heard, and sometimes we don't realize that what we are looking for and what we need are two different things. They loved sharing their stories with us, just having a conversation about life and what they were thinking. We spent about 30 minutes with them, and I really enjoyed just learning a little bit about them. On the way home from San Antonio, I told the Other Nut that I wish we had done more.

I really love the Other Nut and so enjoy being with him.
I know I mentioned this one on day 1 as well, but I figured it was more than worth mentioning again. You see, it was the Other Nut that wanted to go back and talk with Johnny and Edward. I have a very special husband, and I am so thankful for him.

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Debbie said...

So let me tell you about my nutty friend...

She just directed total strangers to my blog where the post of day is STILL a confession of chin hair and temper tantrums. Now, I'm going to have to frantically try to get something a little more flattering up there. LOL!

You are a sweet and dear person. I hope you know that.

I loved the continuing recap.

I usually wear my skirts right at the knees because my daughters told me to a few years ago.

Unfortunately, the legs are not as pretty as they used to be so I need to check out some long flowy skirts.

I literally laughed out loud about the air conditioner.

(And I promise to have the thyroid checked at this year's physical. My regular doctor is my neighbor,and he has checked it several times in the past years because I'm always convinced that I can blame thyroid for any and all problems. He is going to laugh at me when I tell him that I want it checked again.)

The girl who cried wolf...

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