Thursday, July 7, 2011

Beauty From Ashes

This year, I was going to celebrate. I wasn't sure how. I just knew that I was. I figured that maybe my family would go to lunch with my best friend's family. Maybe to Chili's-we always go to Chili's together. I would sit there and drink Diet Coke, talking and laughing with the Other Nut and my best friend and her husband. The kids would sit down at one end of the table talking like they always do-I love listening to their conversations sometimes. My friend and I would talk about how far the Other Nut and I had come, amazed at what God had done in our marriage. I would lean over and kiss the Other Nut, and he would immediately know why. We would both be so thankful for redemption, forgiveness, and our marriage. We would look at our kids, and be ever so grateful for a family that wasn't torn apart when the enemy tried to do so. I would think about my husband, and how much I love him, how proud I am of him. I would be so thankful that my husband loves God, because it was his love for God and wanting to live a godly life that broke my husband and drove him to repentance. I would be so grateful, not wanting to take for granted that he immediately wanted to get better, to never go back to that place; he wanted our marriage to survive this storm. The Other Nut would be so grateful for forgiveness extended, that we didn't give up on each other. We had fought to regain our oneness. We had fought long and hard.

And here we would have sat at Chili's, oneness connecting us; husband and wife, best friends, lovers, each others biggest fan.

But the One who restores had different plans, something far greater than I could have ever planned.

On May 15th, I got to watch my husband baptize our son.

When I realized the date the baptism would be, I knew what a great gift God was giving me. It was a day far better than I could have ever planned as I watched the Other Nut baptize our son. I was so proud of both of them. I stood amazed at the blessings God had given me; a husband, the spiritual leader of our home, a godly man that loves Jesus and his family, and a son that knows Jesus as his Savior.

I was thankful for this man that I call my husband, because of everything he is and everything we have walked through together. Our road hasn't always been easy, but I wouldn't want to walk it with anyone else. I still had all the same thoughts I envisioned myself having at Chili's; I just had them at a place far better than Chili's. I know we both stood amazed at the restoration that God brought to our lives. And I know we were both blown away at how we got to celebrate everything God had done for us as a couple, individually, and for our family. And God did all of this out something so ugly, painful, and destructive. He did something with our pile of ashes. He created beauty.

And we stood there, soaking it in that day, the day we watched our last child get baptized.

May 15th, a day of ashes turned into a day of beauty. I can't wait until next year, to celebrate this day again; for it is now forever a day to celebrate.


happygirl said...

Such a lovely story of your family and it's faith and love

My daily walk in His grace! said...

Hi Tami - wow, God really knows how to show His grace and how to honour what you have come through together. Great post and God's blessings on you and your family.
God bless

Lisa Maria said...

My heart is so full and happy for you.. I know this joy and blessing myself. What mighty and awesome God we serve who has the power to take the broken and restore it even more beautifully than before. I want to share this verse with you.. I received it more than once when I was spending time before the Lord. Isaiah 9:9 "The bricks have fallen but we shall rebuild with dressed stone, the sycamores have been felled but we shall replace them with cedars"

Hope you have a wonderful weekend... see you at Five Minute Fridays?

Love & Hugs

emily wierenga said...

oh, beautiful, friend... is there any greater form of celebration than this washing away the old? xo

Debbie said...


What an awesome God we serve. He planned something so much better than you did.

Truly our God really IS able to do "exceedingly abundantly more than we can ask or imagine."

You just don't know how much I needed this post. Shame on me for ducking out of blogland instead of looking for light where it so regularly can be found.


"Ima" said...

happygirl-thank you. It was a special day!

Tracy-isn't God good? He really does know how to show His grace. And it was a beautiful reminder of that.

Lisa maria-thank you for that beautiful verse. That wonderful day was my dressed stone!
I'm still hoping to squeeze in the 5 minute Friday, but not on Friday :) We went camping this week, plus my doctor's appointment so I'm playing catch up. So maybe a 5 minute Sunday?

"Ima" said...

Emily-thank you. What a wonderful way to describe it-"the washing away of old." You have such a way with words. So incredibly gifted.

Debbie-Yes, isn't a baptize so much better than Chili's? Afterwards, we had a wonderful celebration at our house with family. I forgot to mention in the post that 2 of his really good friends also got baptized so it was sweet to see them all together. God is so good! And so glad you're back to blogland. I'm about to finish reading your post since I can't sleep. Blah!

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