Tuesday, August 2, 2011

He Answers Prayers!

It is with great thankfulness and praise that I write this update. I am humbled by this blogging community and my church community that lifted up my family this weekend in prayer. I am forever grateful for my best friend that immediately took my other 2 children the whole time we were in the hospital so that both the Other Nut and I could be there for Hazelnut. I am forever grateful for my mom that came to the hospital at 2 a.m. to be with me when the Hazelnut got really sick, because sometimes, no matter how old, you just want your mommy. I am amazed at the outpouring of love on my family from people that only know us from blogland, and the excitement on Hazelnut's little face when I shared with her that people all over the world were praying for her. At first, she didn't understand how they would know until I reminded her of my blog and other bloggers I had met. I am thankful for the very specific answered prayers that we got to experience this weekend. Tears filled my eyes when I heard my little Hazelnut tell me that she could see God working and helping her through her time at the hospital.

And so it is with great joy that I write this post, not only to update you on how she is doing, but to also share with you how God answered our prayers, and your prayers as you lifted us up to God. This is a post to stand as a reminder of the faithfulness and power of our Mighty God. This is a post to say thank you from the Nutcase household. (This will probably be a long post, but God worked a lot this weekend, and I don't want to leave anything out.)

First, we are home and the little Hazelnut is back to her usual spunky little self. Praise God for that. She had a great night and woke up just fine this morning.

What the Hazelnut had to have was a forced fast, or a glucose challenge test. The main reason was to see a correlation between her sugar levels and her ketone levels. She never showed signs of hypoglycemia or diabetes, but would have episodes of dumping ketones which if too high can be damaging to the body. They were trying to figure out why she would dump ketones so easily, especially since she never had any evidence of low blood sugar. They figured if they could have her go into ketosis in the hospital, they could get all of the blood work done immediately to get accurate readings. Other times, we would have to drive 45 minutes, wait to get blood drawn for labs, and all the while I would be feeding her which would make the tests less accurate. The doctors really needed to see exactly what her blood sugar was doing at the exact moment she became ketotic.

However, once she became ketotic, they still wanted to continue the fast forcing her body to a blood glucose level of 45 to see what other issues were there. I didn't completely understand their reason behind this since this didn't happen to her normally-it felt like it wouldn't be a natural situation for her so I didn't understand how that would give them accurate information as to her specific problem. The Other Nut and I didn't feel comfortable about this for numerous reasons and kept pushing for a good explanation from the doctors. They finally agreed to give her regular saline in her IV over night, running very slowly. That made me feel a little bit more comfortable, but not much more. Our concern was that while she slept again after going so long without food, her ketones would continue to rise without us knowing what effect they were having on her body. At this point, they were only doing labs every 3 hours.

We agreed to continue for a while, knowing that the Other Nut and I would be checking her ketone levels ourselves with our meter we brought from home. It is accurate and is only a finger prick, just like a glucometer. But, we also sent out a prayer request to many and prayed ourselves that God would intervene if needed. We weren't sure what the right thing to do was so we decided to let God decide. "Please, Lord, intervene if needed. Stop this test when needed."

About 30 minutes later, the nurse walked in with the doctor and told us that Endocrinology had just called and decided to stop the test at midnight. The doctors didn't even know why they were stopping-they just decided to stop. It was currently 10:40 p.m. at this time. Praise God! Less than 2 hours to go. We knew God had intervened.

Labs were drawn at 11 p.m. and at midnight, they came in to draw the final labs and wake her up so she could eat. At this point, she all of a sudden was very hard to wake up and very lethargic-ketones can make you really sick when they get too high. I truly believe that if she had gone until 2 a.m. to have labs drawn, she would have been in great danger.

After they tried to wake her up and get her to eat, I asked if they could please start an IV with glucose in it to at least start getting her some glucose in her system. She was so lethargic and didn't want to eat much. At first, the doctor said no, she just wanted her to eat regular food. I told her I wasn't sure if that would work, because she was already so sick. She again said no that we could just give her a few sips of sprite, and she could go back to sleep. Everything in me knew that wasn't a good thing, because we have seen her do this so many times. We have seen what works with her before to pull her out of an episode. We again quickly prayed that God would intervene. The doctor came back and said that she would give her an IV with glucose, but she wanted her to still eat and drink. She would only put the IV at what they call half-maintenance.

They started the IV, and we gave her some sips of sprite and a little bit of food. Within 15 minutes, she was vomiting and very tired and pale. She vomited again 2 more times in about 20 minutes. We knew she wouldn't be able to keep anything down until her ketones dropped to a certain level. Again, we had seen it too many times. They gave her some medicine, and we had about 4 nurses in the room working on her with the doctor near by.

I asked the nurse if they could please switch the order to full maintenance on her IV since she obviously wasn't able to eat, and she just wanted to sleep because of the exhaustion and lethargy from the ketones. She said no, that this is what the doctor had ordered, that she didn't even think she even needed it, and was just doing it to make us happy.

The Other Nut and I took her levels with our own meter, and her ketones were 3.7-a positive ketone reading is considered 0.6 or above! So we did the only thing we knew to do at that time-we immediately prayed that God would give her the fluids she needed. About an hour later, she nurse walked back in and said the endocrine team had called and decided to up her fluids to full maintenance. Again, no one could say why they did that. Even the doctors that decided it-they just said "why not". Once again, God had intervened in only a way that He can.

The Other Nut and I started taking her readings and slowly they began to come down. With every reading we would just say "Thank you Jesus!" We began writing it on the white board in her room just to see it. With glucose running, she was sleeping good, and her levels were going down. She had stopped throwing up.

When she woke up in the morning, her levels were 1.9. They weren't moving any lower, but she was at a place that she could at least try to eat. She slowly began eating, and God answered another prayer-she held down all of her food and drink. We also sent out a prayer that her levels would go down to normal. We wanted to see them below 0.4. The very next reading we took after sending out this prayer, we got a reading of 0.3! Again, we just said "thank you Jesus"!

One other prayer that God answered is one that I am just so thankful for. When we prayed over her after my mom got there, my mom prayed that the little Hazelnut would know and remember what God would do tonight. After we got home and shared everything with her and the other kids, she told me that she could see that God was working through her time with ketosis. Praise Jesus for her seeing God work in her life. May she remember it as a time of His faithfulness.

We don't have any results yet, and I'm not sure when we will hear anything. But I do know that God heard your prayers, and I'm so thankful for that. I know the Hazelnut is too-she told me so. So thank you for standing in the gap for us, for going before a Mighty God on our behalf. May this post bless you with the reminder of the God we serve. May you today give Him thanks!

We took a picture of the board where we wrote down the levels as they were going down. What a great reminder!


The Hoskisons said...

Praise God, what a great testimony!

Jen said...

So, so great! I think one of our most important jobs as moms and dads is to advocate for the health of our children. Those gut feelings are so often God's promptings and He knows our children better than anyone. Way to heed Him!

Lisa Maria said...

So glad you're back home! So glad that you can give this testimony of God's awesome love and faithfulness! Still praying.. hope you get the answers you seek.

Love & Hugs

Joan said...

Hi Tami:

I just read Jen's email with the good report. Praise God for the good report!


Debbie said...

This is so wonderful!! I'm so honored that I was and am part of the prayer adventure. This is a fantastic testimony, and I'm praying that the praises continue as you find the results and know exactly how to move forward.

God is so good.
Please give a gentle hug to your hazelnut.

Melody said...

Praising God with your family tonight. I don't know you but I got a notice through Jen's prayer email and prayed for you guys. So glad to get this update. What a powerful testimony of you all praying through each step and watching God respond to the prayers of His children. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Stacie said...

Wonderful news! Praise God!

H.E.R. Impressions said...

Thank you for sharing how God answered your prayers. God is good. I can't imagine how difficult it is to see your daughter going through an experience like this.


I am so glad you were there to advocate for your daughter, so glad the blogging community could pray, so glad you are home.

I pray they find answers and your daughter is soon healthy.


My daily walk in His grace! said...

Hi Tami - praise God for His good report. I believe His healing will continue for your daughter and for yourself. Keep believing for it.
God bless

"Ima" said...

To everyone who prayed-thank you! She is back to her usual spunky self which I am so enjoying. If you are new to my blog, thank you for taking the time to pray and check on my little girl. Thank you for praising God with us for answered prayers. I'm looking forward to visiting your blogs soon.

Laura said...

What a testimony this whole experience has been! I"m so glad your little nut :) is feeling better. YOu are one smart cookie for trusting in prayer through it all.

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