Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Letting Go of A Dream

Have you ever had to let go of a dream? I'm sure you have, because I'm sure that is just part of life, this letting go of dreams.

I've had to let go of several, none really major, but there was still that letting go process I had to do, that wrestling with if I thought it was fair or not. And usually I determined that it was not.

But like people say-life isn't fair is it? Or maybe the one your mom said to you is, "the fair only comes to town once a year."

Knowing that life isn't fair doesn't make it any easier though, letting go of something that you have dreamed of for a while.

I know, because right now I'm having to let go of a dream I have had for many years, a dream I thought I would get to live out. I wanted to live it out. In fact, I was so excited I couldn't wait.

But I guess I will wait. Maybe the timing was all wrong, and I thought it was all right.

I'm sad today. A little bit frustrated and angry. I'm trying to let it go, this dream of mine, but my fingers sure don't want to.

I still have questions. Will I ever get to live out my dream? Are there other parts of my dream that I need to let go, that I won't really live out? And maybe I was all wrong in thinking that this dream was for me?

How I wish I could go back to sleep and dream this dream.

What about you? What dreams have you had to let go? Do you still dream them?


Debbie said...

That last line made me start to cry. I had to give up a dream so I know exactly of what you speak. I've actually had to give up several, but there is one that still makes me cry when I think about it.

Periodically, people who don't know make innocent suggestions that prick my heart. For just a minute, I kind of dream again.

To be honest, that false hope hurts as much as it did when it was raw.

On that nonencouraging note, I will say that I will include your sweet spirit in my prayers. I hope you feel them.

Pamela said...

I'm so sorry, Ima. I have found many times that when I give up a dream God is ready with one so much better than mine. That doesn't take away the present pain but does give one hope.

Anna @ path of treasure said...

I'm sorry, Tami. I've had to let go of dreams, too. It hurts. I pray for His comfort for you.

Michelle DeRusha@Graceful said...

This is tough, Ima. And I think most of us can relate for sure. I know I can. I've given up more than one dream. Sometimes, in retrospect, I've looked back and realized that closing that door opened another (as the cliche goes). But sometimes it really does simply feel unfair. Sometimes a dream lost is a dream lost. Saying a prayer of comfort for you right now...

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