Friday, June 15, 2012


Well, I changed my blog. I figured it was fitting with all of the changes going on in my life right now. I started changing it, because it felt too cluttered to me. It's funny-I'm searching for things to be simple, clean, free of clutter right now, because there are so many things that are cluttered. My house is still no where near where I want it in terms of organization and effeciency which, in turn, makes my mind feel cluttered. It's so bad now, my need for organization, that my van is even clean. If you personally know me and have ridden in my van, you know my van and clean don't go together. It's like oil and water. And yet, I have kept it clean for about 3 weeks now after having it detailed.

So I decided I needed something else clean too so I chose my blog. I started out with just a plain white background and just one other color, although that one color changed quite a bit in the course of the day. But the white felt so good and clean. I know, weird right? Everything felt cluttered on it. I almost just wiped it all clean, leaving just a title and the posts, but I refrained. I figured I would regret it later when I got my house organized (although I wonder if that will ever happen).

However, I'm drawn to color, mixed in among white so I found myself putting a background back on. Some of you reading this, mom, will be quite perplexed by my choice. I know, I know-it's in the red family, and we all know how much I just love red. I love it so much that was the first thing that had to go in my new house-the red bathroom which is now painted quite a lovely shade of soft gray. When we finished painting, it was almost as if the bathroom itself sung a chorus of thanks for it's new found brightness.

(Note: this section of explanation is solely intended for my mom and Beth, as they both are probably scratching their heads and ready to call the crazy control people due to my choice of color, because surely I've gone crazy.) And here I went choosing a background that kind of looks red. But, if you look real close, you can see it has slight pink undertones which fits a little bit better with my taste. I kept going back to it, loving it, but refusing to put it on my blog simply because it was, well, kind of red. And have I mentioned that I don't do red-even at Christmas time except for the homemade Christmas ornaments my kids have made. Putting this background on my blog felt like I was doing something illegal. But I went for it anyway. Besides, the color reminds me of a vintage shade of red and summer picnics.

So, I don't know if my blog looks cleaner, less cluttered, but I feel like it does so that's all that matters. And I know you can't really read the print I chose for most of the blog, but I liked it so I put it on here anyway. I'm sure I'll change it eventually.

Now, if I could just remember how I made my button and get it to match the new color scheme!

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