Monday, February 18, 2013

Test Post

Well, since I really know very little about technology and blogging, I thought I would do a test post to make sure it really is blocked. I guess I started to realize that I know so little that people could still be reading, and I would have no idea. Like, if someone is signed up to receive posts through email, do they still get them?

Oh my, I hope not since my writing will definitely be more random train of thoughts sprinkled with a lot of frustrations and missed desires.

And yes, I was already asked why I just can't journal the old fashioned way-well, because I'm just not going to (which if you know me, you might find that a little backwards since I love all things old fashioned and vintage and really dislike technology as I type this on my laptop in a social media forum-yeah, I don't make much sense-just another reason to go to private setting).

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