Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lemons, Lyme, and More

I don't talk much about my health, or lack of, on this blog; but with so much change, I'm just writing whatever is on my mind-and my health is one of those things.

I have chronic neurological Lyme's disease, chronic vestibular migraines (which give me a great case of vertigo), thyroid disease (although that is the least of my problems), and fibromyalgia. I have some other things, but these are the biggies. These are the ones that cause a slew of symptoms that all intermingle so it is very hard to tell what is causing what some days.

Brain fog, migraines, vertigo, reading problems, concentration problems, depression, anxiety, joint pain at times, muscle pain, and fatigue are my companions. I'm trying to focus on getting better right now, but stress really triggers a lot of my symptoms. I'm looking into essential oils, but find a lot of differing opinions about ingesting them.

I want to get better though. My health has declined a lot with this move. There are days where I don't get really anything done. It makes me feel lazy. The thing with my health problems is that on the outside I look totally healthy; no one would ever guess I had these. Well, except for the days I wear my sunglasses inside places due to the lighting. That is what makes these things hard, the not looking sick; because I worry people sometimes think I'm making it up or acting worse than I am. That is common though with people that have the same health problems. We look normal on the outside, but the inside is a mess.

We got a new water heater today. Ours bit the dust and with 3 girls in the home, hot water and long showers are a norm. It has slowly been dying so the showers have gotten shorter and shorter. We got to where we were rationing the showers-the dirtiest got the shower first. One Sunday, my husband and I pulled the parent card so we could bathe before church.

So tomorrow after everyone goes to school, I'm taking about an hour long shower that is really hot (which will then probably render me useless for the rest of the day).

We also painted my middle daughter's room (okay, my husband did most of it) today. When I can get a picture of it, I'll post it-I know you will want to see it, mom. Just think about my bright, glowing pink bedroom, except in purple. I have to admit, the colors are really not pretty. I know, horrible mother since she picked them out. But I wanted to let her choose. Plus, purple is my least favorite color so it was a lose/lose situation. Anyways, she likes it so I guess that is all that matters. As long as I don't have to see it everyday :)

Mother. of. the. year!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I miss you, I hope you are doing ok.
I thought about you on your birthday. happy belated bday. I am 40 now, that is scary!
Love, your long lost friend, Kate

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